Monday, December 31, 2012

feliz navidad!

hello hello and feliz navidad!!

Sorry no pictures this week again- i have lots this week but for some reason this computer isn’t letting me send anything. i don’t have time to figure it out haha. Anyways i will be calling actually at 6 if that’s ok. i hope so because there´s no way to talk to you before. its because i thought i was calling from the house but we have to leave to call. oh my companion. always assuming i know things... sigh. Anyways i really hope that’s ok because i don't know what to do if it’s not! also i wont know if i have any packages until right after i finish this email. so... i dunno. I’m so happy that you got my package!!!! yay!!! i hope you like the stuff haha :) so some christmas traditions here: they always put the nativity under the christmas tree. The christmas trees are all small and fake and on tables so this is easy. its also pretty normal to give and receive baby jesuses or clothes for the baby. Also, fruitcake is a big deal here. like its the nicest thing you can give someone. hahaha love it.

So this morning i went to the clinic! i wanted to talk to you first about it, but Hermana Calderon (wife of President) said i had to go today. I had a problem with my big toe- it was infected yesterday  Not really hurting, but yeah. so i went in and got that all cleared up this morning! All i have to do is wear flipflops all day and maybe this week. but it doesn't hurt or anything so yay!

Ok so martes we got to go and have an activity with the president for christmas! The activity was futbol! (there really isn’t much else to do here i guess). Anyways it was a multizone activity which was fun. We can’t keep score, but the elders were messing around that like everytime you scored you move up on the leadership- like district leader, zone leader, secretary, assistant. You´d have to score a lot of goals to get assistant. And guess who was the only person who reached that status? yeah. me. guys its so weird i dunno how this happens! I've been trying to figure it out and i think it’s because i have so much stress, and usually in my life i get rid of stress by talking with people, and laughing and stuff like that. well i don't really get to do that here, so my stress bottles up. Well exercise is the best outlet i have now, and it feeels suuuuuuuper great to play soccer! Also people don’t play dirty or mean. Anyways its embarrassing- i even got past President Calderon with the soccerball. ha. well later in the night we had a special dinner at a restaurant. It was a buffet. i was so excited- i could choose not to eat meat! I ate salad and salad and salad and then i decided to try me some of the stir fry. well the stuff i thought was cauliflower turned out to be sting ray and the mushrooms? chicken hearts. haha. chicken hearts are super yummy!

Wednesday was a hard day lots of walking. Thursday i was sick for the first time really- my stomach hurt. but i was still able to go out just had to walk slow. Maybe i need to eat less chicken hearts. On Friday Rudi told us that he feels pressure and doesn't want to get baptized or pray or go to church. sigh. Basically sandra is our only progressing investigator and she was in the hospital this week with her mom (sandra is 46 and is the youngest of 10!)

Saturday was fun. we received (surprise surprise) mangos from a lot of people. we also received fireworks and a table decoration for a graduation. ha. also, i finished making a map of our area, using three other maps that aren't complete. now maybe we can get some work done! ,) sometimes you just gotta take life into your own hands.

Sunday we tried to put together this activity where all the youth and young single adults visit the less actives in our ward. Well 7 people showed up and we have 42 less active families. We split into two groups and we almost visited them all- mostly just leaving a card because no one was home. its really hard organizing activities here, and i try so hard! I thought organizing things during high school for drama council was hard. ha. also hma choque has been really sick the last couple of days so it was a pretty slow week.

But anyways its christmas! I hope that this week is wonderful and that you all have so much fun! I can’t wait to talk! i think we are going with skype. i have an hour. Roxana has been working on the skype all week because she really wants to see you all haha. but i will be calling at 6 my time here so 3 your time. actually we will probably be half an hour late. my companion is sweet. ha. hope that doesn't ruin any christmas plans!!!!

oh also thought this week is from Joshua in the bible. In the first chapter God tells him to be strong and of a good courage. Sometimes even prophets need reminders of that. Also Joshua says near the end somewhere that "I yet have strength". Sometimes we just have to keep going a little more. Joshua has been my friend this week! :)

love you love you love you all so much and looking forward to talking soon!

love, Hermana Elisa Black

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