Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pdays NOT relaxing

Hi family!!

So wow. I still keep waiting for the day when i will like pdays. haha.
They are so NOT relaxing in my mission, and i have to try hard sometimes
 not to get stressed out from all i have to do! haha. Weird
right? Hopefully other missions are more relaxing on pday. But
anyways... so a little more about my companion: she has been out for
10 months now. She is the oldest of 6 as well- and it goes girl girl
boy for the first three! Her brother is on a mission, and her sister
is about to leave. Then the next sibling is a boy who is 17- they are
going to have four missionaries out at once in their family! (for like
a month). Crazy right? and Hna Mita is from La Paz, Bolivia- her
mission is actually for Venezuela but she hasn’t gotten her visa yet
(there’s a lot of people here with this problem). And Hna Cornejo is
from Arequipa Peru. Felicidades Bryson on your mission call!!!!!

So i got Dads dear elder about this kid that’s staying with the
tippetts- has he met with the missionarys yet? If not, ya´ll are super
behind. This is something I’ve learned here. Outside of utah, if
someone goes to church once, it’s time to call the missionaries. (Sorry
marivel that i brought you to church AND institute for a year before
inviting you to partake of the fullness of the blessings of the
gospel). :) But yeah that’s exciting.

Ok so monday we had a zone activity. My zone leaders set up this
competition thing that was super fun- Trevor if you are ever zone leader
for the sake of the hermanas PLEASe use a little creativity for
activities. This was so fun!

Tuesday- lots of knocking doors and looking for a new house. We need a
new house because where we live right now, we pay separate for the luz
y agua. So we are looking. We looked all tuesday and wednesday and the
other hermanas have been looking too- but we haven’t found anything. I
think we will stay here. I dont mind i like it. I mean we have an
infestation of giant snails, but they are pretty chill. Hna Cornejo
named each one. (Hna Gutierrez accidently stepped on Moroni.  It was a
tragic day for all of us. well not me. I don’t like them haha).

Wednesday- it was super rainy again. Hna Calderon (the president’s
wife) asked us to ask our parents to send us warm clothes or money to
buy warm clothes- this is going to be one of the longest, coldest
winters of Bolivia. (And if i can believe any of the other north
american sisters, the cold here is way worse than the cold in Utah. No
one has heat, and it’s humid.) So please take this into consideration
for my birthday. :)

Thursday we had a conferencia with Elder Wadel? oh shoot i should have
written his name down i cant think of what it is right now. Anyways
he´s from the 70. He was really awesome and the conferencia was

Ok so friday- more knocking doors. Call me crazy, but i love knocking
doors. I love finding my brothers and sisters who are ready! Plus,
this worked super well for hna Morris and i. We were very
mathematical about the work- knock on x amount of doors, have y amount
of lessons, have z amount of baptisms. But this does not work for
hermana Gutierrez. I’m trying to find a balance for everything. I love
just looking, finding lessons, get in get out, move on. But this
doesn’t work for her. So I’m trying to find our balance, and what’s going
to work for us. Its hard sometimes because we are both the oldest of
6, we are used to doing things our way. :)

Saturday we finally found someone that is likely to progress! We found
a less active family- single mom with four kids. The last two kids
never got baptized. They are 12 and 14. The 14 year old, Mirta, came
to church with her mom this sunday. It’s the first time they’ve been to
church in 8 years! So we are focusing on them right now.

Sunday was good. We visited another less active family. In this house
there are two less active families. There are these two other kids
that live with another family there Ah! No time. Darn gotta go. But
yeah good week, hope all is well, good luck getting everything ready
mal!! oh ps i love Alma 4:19. well I’ve always loved it, i just read it
this week and it’s a great one for missionaries. ok much love!

much love, Hna Black

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Companion

New companion, Hma Gutierrez, in front
hello hello!

So how exciting!! Heather Jane is going on her mission, Bryson is
going to get his call soon, and Talitha is going to Candyland! hahaha
i love it. Is Trevor working on his papers yet? This is so great.
Missions are awesome!

So we had cambios this week! But let me start with my last week with
Hna Morris.

On monday we got to go to the zoo! That was fun.

Tuesday we met with this catholic priest guy. We didn’t realize he was
like a big catholic head honcho, but he came to church so we visited
him. He actually lives in another area, but we just don’t have enough
missionaries for all of our areas, so we’ve been kind of covering this
other area. Anyways he probably wont progress because he just wont
pray about the church. It’s funny how someone so religious doesn’t
understand prayer. We taught him how to pray though, and he prayed for
his first time. Isn’t that so weird? But he doesn’t want to ask god if
what we have is true. So he can’t progress much. Also we visited this
family that´s been members for 13 years. They are fairly active. But
the mom asked me how to study the scriptures. So i started explaining
about the guides, etc. but she just kept asking how to study the
scriptures. She said when her kids have questions about a verse, she
just reads it to them again. So i said explain it. She said how. so
out of inspiration or exasperation i was like, well if it says the
word faith in the verse, that means that verse is about faith. She
then said OH! Really loud. So then i showed her examples of what
scriptures mean. It blew her mind. It’s so crazy to think that simple
things like prayer and scripture study are so weird and new to people.
I’m definitely grateful that I’ve had these things always in my

Wednesday we couldn’t leave in the morning because of the rain. We
stayed in doors and hna morris helped me make visual aids for lessons.
I’ve been blessed that I’ve never had a sick companion and I’ve only been
sick one day. But because of this, i dont have any visual aids haha. i
would recommend bringing a little visual aid or two- just laminated
pictures or something for plan of salvation. Just an idea
the afternoon we went out though. Our area has good drainage. Other
missionaries couldnt leave at all this day. Pilar got her interview
though, and I’m sure she got baptized saturday! I’m just sad i couldnt
be there for it- she is seriously amazing. But yeah, there were
cambios! Im going to miss centenario- i made lots of friends there.

Thursday- so now I’m in a new Stake!!! My second stake of the mission.
I’m in the ward Guaracal, stake CaƱoto. My ward area is super cute. It’s
really middle classy- my other areas were like some people super super
rich, others dirt poor. Here everyone is more even. It’s really calm
and cute- sorry that’s the only word i can think of to describe it.
haha. My new companion is Hna Gutierrez from Chile! Well her dad is
from Argentina. But yeah she’s really cool I like her a lot. The only
thing is i got used to 4- 5 lessons a day with hna morris, but the
world moves slower for latinos. So, we are down to 2-3 again.  I learned so so so so so so much from Hna Morris. I know what im doing now and how to have success! :) There is another companerismo in this ward- hna Mita and hna Cornejo. I love them too.

All three of these sisters eat ramen noodles for breakfast, and if
they eat anything for dinner its ramen noodles too. isnt that funny?
They have fruits and make juices sometimes and they have crackers too.
But its at least one pack of ramen noodles a day. Anyways it’s great
being in a house where everyone speaks spanish. Hna Morris and i were
definitely speaking english the last couple of weeks which is a bad

Friday- i got to eat my palta!! El sabor de los cielos. Enjoy through
the photo. anyways i think i said everything in Thursday that i would
say for friday... I’m trying to work hard and effectively. I’ve got to
learn how to be effective with my new companion though. We will get

Saturday- we did a service activity. thanks for the gloves mom! They
really came in handy. Sorry i don’t have any pictures to send with me
and a machete today- they are on Hna Cornejo´s camera. Just know I’m
really starting to master the art of mowing the lawn via sword. Also
today we had a baptism- Franz!

Also the other hermanas had a family.
So it was a very white night. Except the font didnt want to fill up.
So for the first hour of the baptismal service, we were bringing in
buckets of water from a spigot outside. That’s how i met Franz- he
worked hard to fill his own font haha. He is very sweet. In the
picture is his girlfriend. She is awesome! Too bad she isnt in the
ward. But yeah that was a great way to come into the ward- with a
baptism! it made me miss Pilar less i think. This ward is small like
Hamacas (my first ward). I’m excited for the work here though- i know
there are people for me to find here!!

Sunday- this day was Hna Mita´s birthday. Birthdays are a big deal
here. Did we get three cakes? Why yes, yes we did. And by cakes do i
mean whole cakes and not pieces? Yes, yes i do. I may get very fat in
this area. I wore a green dress in honor of Saint Patrick ’s Day.

Anyways I’m glad everyone is doing good. I’m excited about getting to
know this new area. I just want to knock on every door and find the
people right now! But ive got to work with my companion too. She is
amazing at teaching. She just needs a little push getting to the
people so she can teach them. For this i think we are going to be an
awesome pair, we´ve just got to get into a groove together. Its great
I’m excited. Anyways i love you all so much, and i hope that this week
is awesome for you all!!

love, Hermana Negra

photos- oh how i love avocados. and yes mom we do service- we cut down
a jungle on saturday.

Monday, March 18, 2013

ALWAYS pray, ALWAYS read our scriptures, and ALWAYS go to church

hello hello!!

Felicidades Kirstin and Ben on your new baby! Also Felicidades a
Madeline in mock trial, and Afton in her play! How exciting and fun!!!
And Mal thanks for your joke- it was actually the first joke i ever
learned in the good ol provo ccm  :) Its a good one haha.

Anyways this week was not too exciting. Oh well monday was. Keila got
married! They just did a little ceremony. The only people there were
the family of Rodrigo (her new husband whose been a member all his
life), a couple in the ward that were the witnesses, and us the
missionaries. They are planning on having a party and everything in
one year, when they get married in the temple! yay!!! We love Rodrigo
and Keila. Rodrigo speaks english- he teaches it in Spain and around
south america via Skype. He has been helping us with our spanish too
which is super nice. Anyways that was great.

Tuesday we went and visited Laura- her family is dealing with some
really hard things right now. We talked to the ward council though,
and we are doing our best to help them. The ward here is seriously

Wednesday we had a conference. Our zone is doing really good which is
exciting. Also Hna Morris and I are just a great duo. There are
cambios this week though and 7 new hermanas are coming! So it’s pretty
much seguro that we are going to be split up. It’s been an awesome two
months though!

Thursday- so our zone leaders had this reference for this girl who
lives in one of the areas in the zone. But one of the elders who are
is in that ward has been super sick, and they haven’t been able to
leave their house. So Hna Morris and i got to go and her! She lives
right next to this delicious empanada shop. I couldn’t resist buying a
dulce de leche empanada. Well I ended up burning my fingers a little
from it, and my tongue was so burnt it was bleeding and blistered.
oops. haha. It was pretty delicious though. But anyways we talked to
her, and she has a baptism date set up and everything! But then the
zone leaders called and said that they are going to visit her now.
boo! But it’s ok. I’d spend all my money at that empanada shop.

Friday- this day Keila went with us to some citas. (appointments i
think is citas in ingles). She has matured so fast in the gospel! It’s
only been a month, but she was baring a strong testimony of the plan
of salvation. She talked more than we did! It was so special to see

Saturday- we had an activity called Reinos de Gloria (Kingdoms of
Glory) that Hna Morris has been wanting to do for forever, and finally
we have a bishop and ward mission leader that are supportive enough to
do it! It’s a really easy activity to do, and teaches people the
importance of being on time. The people that were there on time (7pm
exactly) got to go to the celestial kingdom. There we ate steak
sandwiches and drank juice. The next kingdom down was for those there
before 7:30. They got little empanadas and sweets. Those of us in the
celestial kingdom got to visit them. Also none of the husbands and
wives could sit together here, because we won’t have our families
there. In the last kingdom they got plain bread. it was for everyone
that came after 7:30. Everyone in the kingdoms where happy with what
they received- but they didn’t know what we had in the higher kingdoms
because only the people of the celestial kingdom could leave their
room. Anyways the bishop (being super into technology) took pictures
in every room, and at the end, we projected them in the sacrament
meeting room for everyone to see. Then everyone saw the differences.
It was a super fun activity, but unfortunate we didn’t have that many
people come. (Some people did show up at 8 though after we finished
the activity. sigh oh well).

Sunday- our only investigator who came to church today was Pilar. She
came in a skirt, and even brought her 19 year old brother! She´s
working hard to make this change in her life. Unfortunately Lili with
her daughter joselin and then Maria Torrez didn’t come. So this week we
will only see the baptism of Pilar. She is making a lot of changes-
she is looking for a new job. But she is doing great. Lili just doesn’t
understand. We have tried so hard for so long, but as missionaries
there is a lot we can’t do. We’ve been talking to her so much about
baptism, but it looks like she just likes to be visited by us, and
doesn’t want to do her part. This is really hard for me because i can
see her pain, and i understand it a little having had a family member
with cancer. I know that the gospel is the only thing that will help
her, but she doesn’t want to try it. We can’t visit her at the hospital
or anything, but we are going to try and visit them after. But if she
doesn’t do her part, and have a desire for the change, then it’s not her
time right now.

Anyways not anything too exciting this week i guess. The pictures are
of the wedding of Keila and Rodrigo, and me with the valentine
decorations you sent me (i had them up before valentine’s day i just
forgot to take a picture till this week haha). oh actually it looks
like the compute isn’t letting me sent this picture... dang. also mal-
be sure to bring 2 sets of pday clothes- you´ll need to wear one while
one is being washed :)

also is everything ok at home? (You can write me about everything now-
hna morris´s mom has been writing about things like a drive by
shooting at SUU and ive been fine :) ) so let me know all things in
the family :) Like how is Lula?

Also thought for the week- a lot of people here (and probably in Utah
too) feel like when they sin they can’t go to church, or read their
scriptures, or pray. But there is absolutely no sense in this!!! we
can ALWAYS pray, ALWAYS read our scriptures, and ALWAYS go to church.
in fact its when we are having the most problems that these things will
make all the difference!! SO pray pray pray and read read read and go
go go to church always!!!

Anyways i love you all so very very much. We passed our 8 month mark
this last week if you can believe it. Sometimes I am just so grateful
for the blessings i have that when i pray and thank my heavenly father
i just get so over whelmed that i start to cry. (emotional
rollercoaster? why yes, yes i am. Thanks for loving me anyways). I
love the work, but i am super excited to go home one day haha. But I’ve
made it 8 months. 10 more and then we are done! Ok well have a great

love, Hermana Black

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baptism and Yellow Dress


So i realize that my subject of my email was kind of weird... i meant
to send you a picture of me with avocados. haha anyways if my camera
doesn’t die i´ll send you it today. But anyways here’s a picture of
Laura’s baptism. 

You might be thinking wow what the yellow dress? And
yes, i couldn’t resist buying it when i bought my new backpack. It was
$4! And yes i love it. The other picture is for dad- i was glad i had
my camera this day to take a picture of "Daddy Black" on the wall.

Happy birthday this week mom and dad! Unfortunately i havent been able
to get your birthday letter in the mail yet, hopefully today. So it
might be a while before you get that. oops! But i love you both so

Ok so if you could send me another journal that would be awesome- i
haven’t found anything yet and i need one soon. Also i am so glad that
you sent me a wallet mom- besides the fact that it’s cute, it comes in
handy! Mal and Michaela should bring one. As far as winter clothes- it
gets way colder here than utah, but just for like 3 weeks. So iwill be
needing gloves and a bigger coat and a hat i think. And oh yeah- we
have cambios a lot now because of the change in the time at the mtc-
every two weeks i guess. So ill just let you know when i change haha.

Ok ok!! so Monday we played some good ol futbol and man did we both
hurt after ! So Hna Morris and i have decided to be more diligent
exercisers in the morning. We have felt good all week for our
exercising! It’s been great.
Tuesday- so i forgot to wear sunscreen while playing soccer on monday,
and i got super super sunburned! I also forgot to wear sunscreen on
saturday, and got really burnt again. Also, sad to say but
every avocado I’ve received i have ruined, except the one that was
given to me perfectly ready, and i ate it right then. Fortunately, my
zone leader has 3 avocado trees at his house, and he’s been giving me
lessons about how to care for your avocados (and by the way there’s
different kinds that need to be treated differently). So ive been
rather sad about loosing 5 avocados. But the season is just getting
started so i should have plenty of time to eat paltas! (avocados).

Miercoles- so Lili got a job! The blessings of going to church are
great. Her daughter Joselin though has to get a blood transfusion (if
i understood correctly) every 15 days for a year and a half. it’s a
great trial for this family. We are doing our best to help them, and
the ward here is seriously amazing. We are going to get more of them
involved with her and hopefully they will get the help they need and
feel good about being baptized on the 16th. Im thinking about putting
together a little kit of stickers and things for Joselin when she is
in the hospital for 2-3 days every time they go. But mom- if you can
think of anything we could do to help out Lili or Joselin let me know!

thursday- so i think i wrote about Cleidi... but she doesn’t want to
listen anymore. But Pilar is amazing. All of her friends are making
fun of her, and her family thinks she is crazy for listening to us.
But she is standing firm in her decision to change her life. She
understands the book of mormon better than any investigator ive seen
read it thus far. She just soaks it in and loves it so much! We are
going to get the ward involved in helping her out too because she
seriously has no support right now! But she is awesome.

Friday- so I’ve decided that sometimes the mission is like a game of
'x's and 'o's. We write people down all the time and then they either
progress, or we x them off our lists. But you´ve got to do something
with everyone you find. Well today we found a lot of xs! haha. But it’s
good. We are working really hard at having discernment, knowing who is
going to progress right now. The mission is short- we only have time
to find those that are ready right now for us!

Saturday was Laura’s baptism! Thank you for the prayers on her behalf!
We are really hoping that the mom will keep trying to bring more and
more of her kids to church, and that this family can get the help they
need. It was a beautiful baptism and everything worked out nicely. It
was actually a great day. Working hard feels so good i love it! But
you can never over do it. If you get stressed, the spirit can’t guide
you. So part of working hard is knowing and accepting when you need to
take a coke break (as Hna Morris says. she´s addicted to coke. haha).
But one thing I’ve learned on this mission and that Hna Morris is
really good at, is never lose hope. We knock on hundreds of doors,
but we can never stop hoping that the next door has a family just
waiting for us. Its great.

So sunday we had Pilar and her daughter, and Lili with her two
daughters and two nieces. haha they had a lot of fun. Also, Maria
Torrez got married!! She still has to wait a week for the papers to
come back or whatever (i dunno how it works) but she is ready to
progress for her baptism! We are planning to have a baptismal service
for Pilar, Lili, Joselin, and Maria on the 16th (There’s a cambio on
the 14th....we try not to think about that). So we are excited for
these ladies. Please pray for them! They are all dealing with hard
trials right now.

Anyways we are working hard and we feel good. This ward is amazing.
our ward mission leader and bishop are seriously top notch (our ward
mission leader even brought us pizza empanadas wednesday morning
haha). I seriously am loving Centenario or as My zone leader says, "La
Tierra Prometida" (the promised land). I could do with a couple more
avocado trees, but other than that things are just awesome. I’m more
and more grateful every day for all that i have, especially this time
here. I know that probably not all of my other areas will be quite so
awesome, but I’m grateful for every day i have here! (we also have a
store here called IC Norte which has a bunch of american stuff in it-
its super clean and air conditioned and we absolutely love going there!
we have found refried beans, tortillas, cereals we like, salsa, chips,
better peanut butter, and american brand shampoos! This is the only IC
Norte in all of santa cruz- im trying to enjoy it while it lasts!)

anyways much love, and happy happy birthday mom and dad!!!!

love, Hermana Black

Typical protective gear for carnival (an apron with pockets to hold squirt guns  and balloons full of paint)

Monday, March 4, 2013

one little two little three little paltas (avocados)

hello hello from Bolivia!

These are exciting times aren’t they? I happened to hear yesterday that
they are going to turn our mission into two, but so far
president hasn’t said anything. But we are going to have a multizone
conference this week so maybe then we will know. We are also going to
be getting a new president this july, so a lot will be changing here.
But anyways thanks for the pictures and things i received this week- i
love pictures! :) Also, I’m going to need winter clothes soon. It’s
probably better for me to buy stuff here i just haven’t found where
yet. so i might need money... I’ll keep you posted.

Ok ok so into this week. Nothing much happened monday... but some
interesting stuff: facebook here is just called "face" and play
station is just called "play". It sounds funny when people are like
"Do you have face?" But yeah anyways...

Tuesday i called someone and just after saying hello this is the
missionaries they were like oh hi hermana black. So I’ve still got a
ways to go to sound Latin. ha. Ok so marcos birthday was sunday and we
totally forgot. So tuesday we brought him some sweets and watched the
movie "John Tanner" with him. (i love the church movies! they´re so
great). So that was fun.

Ok so Wednesday i had Mocochinchi for my first time! Its peach juice
really, but the thing is they always leave the peach in the drink, and
it looks super gross. Most missionaries call the drink "cerebral de
mono" (monkey brain). But this investigator served it up, and well it
was quite good! I was just grateful she didn’t put the brain in my cup
haha. also this day we had 7 lessons! oh it was so great. so so great.
I just love feeling like I’m doing stuff out here! :)

Thursday we were running around trying to get to all the references
we´ve been given in the ward. This ward is seriously so incredible.
They are always helping us out- one lady washes our clothes did i tell
you? Seriously it’s such a blessing. They feed us, bring us mangos (the
last ones of the season. I keep meaning to take pictures of the mangos
i get but i end up eating them too fast haha oops), and help us out so
much with the work. It’s so awesome! The bishop is helping us a lot
too. He loves to help us, because then he can practice his english :)
haha he is hilarious. And really understands how to work.

Friday we only had two lessons. It was one of those days that makes
you grateful for the seven lesson days. This work is tough sometimes.
But you know what? Days always come to an end. And this day ended
really well. One of the two lessons we had was at 8 at night. We had
been walking around with this new married couple that was accompanying
us. None of our investigators were home the whole time we were with
these two-from 6-8, but we found Lili home at 8. So we talked to her.
She’s super sweet. Unfortunately she doesn’t have any money, and her 9
year old daughter Josalin has been in the hospital a lot because she
has bone cancer. She doesn’t have a job, and her exhusband keeps not
paying his part. She has another daughter named Diana that is 2 years
old. Well, turns out I know a little bit about what it feels like to
have someone i love suffer from cancer, and so did this couple. Also,
Lili´s birthday was sunday, and this couple made her a cake!!
Seriously, the best ward ever.

Saturday we visited a reference from a mom whose son just left for the
mission a month ago. Cleidi, the reference, was friends with this
missionary before he left. He told his mom to have the missionaries
visit her. So Maria (the mom) came with us to visit Cleidi. Well the
lesson went well, and we are excited to be helping her. But the thing
i really learned was how much moms suffer when their kids go out on
missions. this poor mom is trying to be so strong. Her son is still in
Bolivia (in la paz) because he hasn’t got his visa yet. It is taking
all of her will power not to visit him. But anyways i just want to
tell you mom that I really am doing awesome!!!! I am loving the
mission. I am helping people and learning so much about the gospel.
I´m already such a better person than i used to be, and it is so
great!!! Thanks for being so awesome mom and strong. Seriously
everything is fine and im doing great and i love you so much!!!!

Sunday was great. Besides the fact that Hna Morris was pretty sick and
could hardly talk. But we managed to go to church, and Lili came with
her daughter Diana, and so did Pilar with her daughter! Pilar is also
a single mom 24 years old. She has started reading the book of mormon
and loves it and already has a testimony! Pilar, Lili, and Josalin
have baptism dates set for 16th of MArch so we are hoping all goes
well for that! Also Laura was supposed to have her baptism interview
this day. We scheduled it for the last hour of church. Unfortunately her
and her siblings left after sacrament meeting and we didn’t know
because her mom was still at church. We looked everywhere for her- her
house and the streets but we couldn’t find her. We finally met her dad.
Suffice it to say he isn’t very nice to those in the family who go to
church. We think he stopped her from going back for her interview.
Well we are hoping to be able to find her on Thursday to have her
interview. This family is in a bad place and there is nothing we can
do. Its hard living in a place where laws really aren’t enforced. We
are going to continue to pray for Laura and her family and hopefully
she will be baptized this saturday! But i just loved how things worked
out at church today. Both Lili and Pilar had problems with thier
daughters being fidgety at church. But for some reason, a lot of other
moms had more problems than usual with their kids too this day. I just
love that things work out. So the next time your kid is screaming in
church, just know it might be making someone else feel more
comfortable about their situation. :)

Anyways a good week. I really love reading the ensign/liahona. I read
the conference talk of Elder Uchtdorf this morning and i love what he
said about enjoying the now. I remember when i first started my
mission, i would think about the months ahead and it seemed like
they´d never end. But, if i thought, can i do my best today and just
today? The answer would be yes, and I was ok. (now im like, we are in
march?! but there´s still so much to do! what happened to February?!
haha) The future is important, but enjoying right now is going to fill
the past with pleasantries. :)

Anyways  i hope you all have an amazing week. The fotos are the baptism
(yeah marco is tall haha) and the outfit I’m wearing is typical of what
people wear during carnival. It keeps your clothes clean from paint,
and there’s pockets for storing paint, water, and foam, among other
things. haha.

much love, Hermana Black