Wednesday, February 20, 2013

aaaaand we're back!

hello hello and welcome back to the adventures of Hermana Black!

haha. Its good to be back! I am really loving the mission more and
more. And of course, the baptisms of Keila and Marco help with that!!!
Oh man it was so great. But i forgot my camera cord so i don’t have
pictures! But hna Morris is sending pics home and I’m sure you can find
those somewhere. But anyways thanks for all the updates mom and dad! i
love knowing what’s going on :) Also i got the valentines package a
week before which was awesome, and Marivels on valentines day, so i
had a great time with all that! Except the elders came for inspections
and i hadn’t taken down the heart decorations and they were freaking
out for a bit... haha.

Ok so im going to try to cover everything important that has happened.
Spitting experience: Hna Morris was sitting next to the window on the
bus. She turns to me at one point and says "I’m wet". i look out and
there’s no rain or clouds or anything. Then i look in front more and see
a woman just spitting and hacking loogies and it’s just coming and
coming. I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing. That’s just how things
are here. You just gotta choose to laugh or cry. :) And Hna Morris was
a good sport about it all.

Ok so for the interest of the YW of the ward- i gave their book of
mormon to this 9 year old girl named Laura. She is scheduled to get
baptized on March 2! All of her family are members, but they are
really inactive. So we’ve been getting the ward involved to help this
family come back, and help Laura get baptized! Thanks so much for this
special book of mormon for this special girl! Just pray that
everything will work out for this family. Oh but the first time i went
to her house i got head butted by a goat and bitten by a duck. haha.
goood times.

Ok so carnival was only saturday night until wedensday morning. But we
definitely were dodging water balloons before that. Also we were
waiting for a bus on saturday morning when another bus drove by and
some guy got me right in the face with his squirt gun full of paint!!
yeah dont worry i got a picture :) it wasn’t that bad- just a few
sprinkles. But hey, i got to be part of Carnival! Awesome. it really
was super crazy. All the buses are still trying to get clean from all
the mud and paint. It’s insane!

So Marco is amazing. We talked to him on tuesday (two weeks ago) and
he told us that he had not one, but two answers that the church is
true! He just couldn’t stop smiling and is just so happy! He has really
changed his life around, and this amazing ward is so helpful and are
just taking him in! Also Keila had to change some things in her life.
Its crazy, but they are both super firm and we had a beautiful baptism
for them both! There were so many people there they were standing out
in the halls! When they both got the Holy Ghost on sunday, in both of
their blessings it said they would be the examples that converted more
members of their families! Well obviously that’s exciting. So yeah it
was just all great.

So unfortunately mango season ended during January. But guess what
guess what? Its avocado season!!! OH MY GOSH! We do not know what
avocados are in the states. Here, they are huge, and extremely
delicious! Seriously! And i thought everyone had mango trees. But
apparently they all have avocado trees too! I seriously am in heaven!
I dunno how i´ll ever be able to eat another avocado in the states.
Guacamole was my favorite food before my mission. But i didn’t even
know what guacamole was before i got here!!!! yeah i love it if you
can’t tell. You should probably be jealous. I also love empenadas,
salteñas, and cuiñape. I hope i can find recipes for these things
when i go home. ha.

Ok so Malorie- LEARN SPANISH! Those RMs you wrote me about are crazy.
Also, you are going to the peru ccm. um the teachers there don’t speak
english. So you don’t learn to speak spanish. You just start listening
to spanish. So i would definitely try to learn it. I learn more
spanish when we have conferences here, because someone can explain a
rule to me. You don’t learn these things in the ccm! Those RMs you
talked to who said they catch you up in the ccm are very very wrong
right now. Everything changed at the ccms 8 months before i got in
there, so no RMs know anything right now :) but anyways i wrote some
more things to you in a letter. i am finally going to be able to send
letters this week so hopefully you’ll get them in 2 weeks!

Oh also about marco- three days before marcos baptism, his dad came
out to listen to us (and by listen i mean ask lots of questions that
he doesn’t really want the answers to). Well we started answering, but
then MArco just jumped in and answered in these perfect simple
answers. When our district leader finished interviewing him, he said,
wow Marco. You´re definitely a future church leader. I seriously
couldn’t be happier for these opportunities to be an instrument in God’s
hands right now. We are seeing miracle after miracle, because we are
following the spirit so much. And STRESS and SPIRIT can’t exist
together. (Remember that when your trying to learn spanish. or
anything). Its great.

Oh but i haven’t ever really written about the people i live with. It’s
this family of members. It’s a big circle our house, with a bunch of
rooms around the edges that just open in the middle. This is how the
majority of houses are. The living room is just open space and all the
other rooms are just around in a circle. I love where we live. Its
yellow, and people play music, and i just feel Latin. It’s fun :) our
piensanista is from Columbia, and she has a one year old son. (They
live in our house, with two other families that are of her husbands
sister and brother). She has a little boy that is one year old and is
named lucas. He can say 4 words: Mama, Goal, coca cola, and Hermanas.
haha he is the cutest thing ever ever!!!!

Ok well that’s got to be all right now. We are still trying to get
Maria Torrez married... she can get baptized if she just gets married!
Oh also i bought a new backpack (and dress) because my zipper broke.

i love you all so much! Thanks for all the letters and things! im
trying to write back. i am just exhausted every pday now haha. its so

love, Hermana Black

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