Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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So crazy week! On MONDAY we had CAMBIOS! I am still a sister mission leader and hermana morris as well. But now we are separated and both training! I am also in a trio. I am still in Paraiso,  but I’m with Hermana Huenchur (she entered the mission with me)and Hermana Choque! (yes the same last name as the hermana who was my trainer). Wow crazy! I love them both so much. Hermana Huenchur is the hermana who is super jealous of trevor for getting to go to japan, she also is planning on studying animation at byu after the mission, and is from Chili, loves Regina Specktor like me, and well is just a hoot! Hermana choque is from La Paz, Bolivia. Well actually, so you know how la paz is the highest city in the world? Well actually there is little villages in the mountains of la paz (which are a lot higher than the city la paz) and that’s where she is from. She is like how i thought all the people of bolivia would be- her parents even wear the typical clothes and everything! Anyways she came to the mission basically with nothing and we are helping her get everything. She has three weeks in the mission, so I’m not raising her exactly from the mission womb, but close to. ha. The pictures are of us on her birthday which was thursday! i got the birthday package you sent me on her birthday which was awesome because we got to celebrate together! Anyways it was great.

So it is complicated right now, because Paraiso was split into two parts, for two sets of missionaries, but now we are combined because we are a trio. It’s been complicated, but we are doing pretty good.  Unfortunately this week was a tough one for the family Vasconcelos. We finally got to talk to the wife again, but it was because they had other family over when we passed by. We had what we thought was a good lesson with everyone, even though many people were anti mormon. We passed by though saturday (two days later) and found out that the parents have been fighting over the last two days. Hermano Vasconselos didn’t come to church on sunday, and we are worried about them. I have only prayed as hard as i pray for them i think 3 other times in my life. I am exhausted from praying for them and don’t know what to do. sigh. We have a great ward mission leader that is going to help us out a lot though.

Speaking of ward mission leaders, that’s so awesome about dad’s new calling! Dad this work is awesome! I am so glad we are turning into a mission family. We are a strong family- now we can help others be the same!!!!

So unfortunately the fernandez family didn’t make it to church either. It was a little bit of a tough sunday. But Beimar came to church, and he will be getting baptized on June 8! He is in the area of Hermana Huenchur, but Hermana Michel and i actually taught him and his cousin first. I knew I’d be part of his conversion so i thought it was weird that he didn’t live in my area, but now look! God puts you where he needs you. I shared Trevor’s experience with the book of mormon  with Beimar and his cousin this week because they are 17 and 18. I hope you don’t mind trev! It was just perfect though. Anyways we are excited for Beimar.

Well this is all I’ve got time for this week sorry! Oh but moms phrase of "power, strong, moooove along!" has been one that has helped me this week. So thanks mom. Today is Mothers day in Bolivia, so happy mother’s day again!

Seriously love you all so much!!!! Thanks Patrice for your email, and all my grandparents for birthday letters, as well as other family! I seriously have such a powerful wonderful family and am more and more grateful everyday!

love, hermana Elisa Black

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