Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sketchy Internet


So sorry the internet has been crazy today! Usually we go to this mercado that has lots of computers, but today it was closed. So then we went to this other street with internet cafes but today the police decided to come and shut them down for being illegal haha. Of all the days to have the police come. Well now we are at another internet cafe, and hopefully we don’t get kicked out! But it’s going very slow so sorry. And mom, sorry my letter was short, but i don’t think it has to do with the fact that i can write friends. We were given more time to write!

So a few things: are you guys sending malories letters via dearelder? Cause I’m not getting them... also congrats trevor on everything this week! Wow so cool! I’m so proud of you and happy for you! i love that you guys did a dance. That’s so my type of thing to do and i love it haha. Also hna choque has been a member all her life, also hna huenchur, who says thanks! She is so excited to go to byu. She talks really great english.

Ok so this week no fotos. Sorry but this internet is kind of sketchy and i don’t want to mess up my camera. Can that happen? Can you mess up your camera from a computer? I don’t even know.

But anyways so this week i was at the dermatologist and clinic a lot. I’m growing some kind of bacteria on my face. haha. It started out small, but it keeps growing and is now on different parts of my face! But it’s all just part of the mission experience here in bolivia. It’s getting a lot better now and has started going away so no fear. at least i didn’t get bit in the face by a dog like Hna Morris (sorry mom of hna morris for writing that she was in the clinic the other week... didn’t mean to freak you out!). We are all recovering nicely though and all is well. Yes i have ongaurd :)

so we are having some awesome success here in paraiso. We are teaching about 10 FAMILIES right now and it is just so fantastic! We are working our little tails off. Also this week Beismar will be getting baptized. He´s almost 18 and he´s been living with his aunt and uncle who are members. We taught him lots all week, but he just wasn’t feeling as secure as he wanted. But we prayed and prayed and prayed. and saturday night, he had a dream about us! In the dream, hna huenchur told him that he missed his opportunity, and now he can’t be baptized. He said that in his dream I kept saying "no its ok" but hna huenchur was like no its passed the time! And well somehow this was the answer he was looking for and he is very excited for his baptism! He’s got tons of friends in the ward. So yeah that’s great.

Gabriela Fernandez i think is going to have to wait an extra week to get baptized because they have missed church these last two weeks. The dad is in the hospital right now and we are hoping that with his health failing he will have greater desire to come back to church.

We brought a mom to church yesterday. Her name is Cynthia. She was born catholic, raised jehova witness, and went to an evangelica church when she was 20ish. Now she is a single mom with two daughters. She came to church, and then we visited her in the afternoon. We explained a lot about joseph smith and the restauracion and after she was like, "well thank you but i think i am just going to go back to the evangelica church and be really active". But unfortunately she was talking to two missionaries who are sick of not having baptisms. We didn’t leave it at that. I am so tired of losing my brothers and sisters. hna huenchur feels the same and well hermana choque she is just going to have to come with us in these things. We bore powerful testimony, committed her to pray about the church, and set a baptism date. We are talking to so many families these days which is challenging, but we are working so hard and praying so much. They might have to send me home in pieces in 7 months (only 7 months!!!!!! aaaaah!!!!) because all my blood sweat and tears (and skin from my face haha) are here in paraiso.

Oh btw the mission will be splitting this week. So i might be in mission santa cruz norte or i might still be in santa cruz mission. Paraiso is in the north mission so if im still in paraiso next week, that will be my new mission. 

Anyways love the mission. It’s the best thing ever for my life. Also I’m obsessed with
mormon.org these days. I feel like im supposed to bring it to bolivia even though i don’t know much about it haha. But like sometimes i can’t sleep at night because I’m just thinking of so many ideas and things these days. Its great but it’s hard.

Ok sorry mom its short again this week. But i have to write good letters to president these days too. haha.

I love you all so much and i love reading about you all. Thanks for everything!

love, hermanana elisa black

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