Friday, July 26, 2013

Training is hard

hello hello! 

First off iffy computer so no fotos sorry. 

Also other noticias... i dont know if you guys remember that when i was with Hermana Morris in Centenario we found this Catholic priest guy that is like a representative from Rome. Hermana Morris and I only taught him how to pray, and then new hermanas came into that area. Well, he totally got baptized last month. Cool right? And oh the reason why I feel more segure is because we now have cellphones! So that’s nice. 

Bien. Well this week i got pretty disheartened. it’s just kinda hard training (she’s great just a lot of the new latinas think that the mission is like a happy little vacation. In the states, we learn the mission is hard! here everyone tells people that are going to go on missions that is so fun and beautiful and wonderful.). But i really hope this next week is better. 

Like this week we had a family home evening with some members that said they were going to invite the husbands brother who isn’t a member over. Well we went, and they were like "just kidding his brother is actually a member and lives really far away from here". And I’m just like, um... thanks for wasting our time.  

Then we have lots of investigators that are coming to church that just don’t want to get baptized. so like, we are working so hard but they just don’t want to get wet. Sigh. So lots of work with little results right now. 

Wednesday was kinda fun though. I went looking for houses with Hna Ariza and the assistants. We are getting lots of new missionaries this week! Well anyways tuesday in the night there was this helicopter with a search light looking around in our area and the areas around. The driver when we were looking for houses said that the police are looking for two of the last gang members of this columbian gang. They found the boss because he was looking for a house to rent, and the police found all the gang members except 2. Well hermana ariza is columbiano and so is one of the assistants. And what were we doing? Looking for houses to rent. hahaha it was funny. 

Also hermana willard who is amazing is in the usa recovering from breaking her foot last week. poor thing. We now have an elder who is our nurse. And guess who got really sick this week? That’s right me. haha. poor elder nelson. 

This week we found a new family though who have a lot of interest in the strength of youth. It’s a mom with two kids in youngmen/women. People want good things for their families, and I got news for them. We are the only ones who have what they need. Period. They came to church this week and loved it! So we are going to be working hard for Gladys and her family. I just need to stay happy and work hard and we should be good to go. 

Well anyways this is all for today. i love you all so very much. Thanks for being great!

love, hermana elisa black

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