Thursday, July 4, 2013

Missing Paraiso; changing back to original mission

so hopefully you read my other email first. because now i am in san pedro! but a few house keeping items first... first of all um malorie had a frog? k didnt know that. but im sorry he died i guess. also i got a few dear elders last week from dad and malorie... a lot of the tmie i dont get the ends of the letters. sigh. i dunno maybe its easier just to send everything via email and i can trie to print stuff... its just expensive but i think its more secure...i dunno. also im in the south mission now but i think i wrote that in my other email.

ok back to this week. well all monday we were moving to our new home. i found out why we had to leave paraiso. its because the new asistentas to the president are taking over that ward. sigh. i seriously had a hard time all this week. i miss paraiso so much. also we had two baptisms this week and two more planned for this coming week. hopefully they are taking care of that all. but anyways san pedro is pretty cool. its the best house for hermanas in the mission! becuase its pretty and huge. but its aweful for the cold! and this week is the coldest week of my mission! holy cow it was crazy rainy and cold. thats basically what i have to say about tuesday. so cold and rainy. we are opening this area, which means we dont know anyone. the last missionaries that where here were hna white and hna ordunez, and that was a month ago. (yes everyone thinks its hilarious that hna white left and now they have hna black). but anyways we are trying to get to know the area and the people as fast as we can so that we can work here!

so with all the cold and rain and leaving paraiso, i kind of had a slumpy attitude. but its getting better. saturday we had a baptism! the hermanas before taught her everything, we just basically came in and baptised her. she is awesome. shes a recently devorced mom with three cute little kids, including a baby of 4 months. she is amazing. on sunday we were waiting for her to come in so that she could get the holy ghost, but she still wasnt there when we finished the santa cena. so we finished that and the 2ndo councilor was like one of the young people go and get the new convert. and i was like well no one knows where she lives except us. so we got up and ran to her house. its about 7 blocks from the church. we knocked on her door and these kids of the neighbor that lives in her house was like "she left". and i was like no! you´ve got to be kidding me! so we ran (well walked... we were pretty dead from running) back to the church. when we walked in one of the members was coming out and he was like where have you guys been? she was just in the bathroom. so yeah... everyone somehow knew she was there except me. probably i was just anxious and so i didnt understand the 2nt coucilor. thats what happens with the gift of tongues. if you dont have the spirit (and you only have the spirit when your not freaking out) you dont understand. so that was that experience. so embarrassing, because always on the first day that the missionaries enter a ward, you always give your testimony. so they also called us up and we werent there. haha.

anyways also it was the area san pedros birthday on saturday so the other picture im sending is of people dancing in my street. every area has a different name, and so does every s treet. and when its the birthday of your street or area, theres always a party. well i happen to be in san pedro and its the area of san pedros birthday. i dunno how everyone keeps the parties straight here, because there is a ton!!! some of the streets its easy to tell when its its birthday, because the streets name is 24 de novembre. i dunno how anyone keeps anythning else straight. but anyways theres always a party in bolivia. this one almost made us late to get in our house on time, but it was super fun i loved it. always parades. everyone likes to dress up here! 

oh also on wednesday i had another intercambio. i love doing intercambios. its fun to leave and help out other people. its always for 24 hours, so i even sleep over. it was fun because it was an intercambio with two companerismos, and hermana morris was with the other companion. so i got to see her for my last time i think before she goes back home. 

anyways lots of love and stuff from me this week. hopefully you get these emails today! love, hermana elisa black  

ps oh yeah happy 4th of july and completion of one year in the mission! wow its nuts isnt it? love, me

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