Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week #6 - Peru CCM Week Three

Hola familia!!!!!

Ok first off- theres a strike going on at the post office, so thats why i havent received any of your letters at all via snailmail. i do receive dearelders though. I might receive things via snail mail in a couple weeks, but most likely i won't. :( Im glad you got my letters though! i sent another one, hopefully you'll get it. But anyways how is everyone??? I love you all so much! This week was a great week.

Saturday- out in the field again!!! Man this is just the best day always. i had an amazing experience this week. We were teaching an inactive lady who we met last week, but she didnt let us in. today she did! Well we started off the lesson fine. i wasn't understanding anything at all really. my companion would just look at me every once in a while so id ask a question, hoping it had something to do with what was happening. after a little bit she started to be a little heated and just talked and talked really fast. our member with us kept talking back super fast and seemed to be taking the defense a little. i had to do a lot of reading facial expressions and stuff because i literally was totally lost. my companion, being the celestial material she is, was saying scriptures, talking calmly, and being amazing. after a while she nudged me and showed me a paper saying "testimonio". i was like ok.... but i have no idea what to say. the whole lesson i was praying hard though. anyways when the conversation died down for half a second i jumped in- this was a difficult task because everyone was talking so fast with little or no breaks. i felt like i should talk about how people in the church arent perfect, but the gospel is. Patricia really calmed down after that and was smiling really big- mostly she just thought me talking in spanish was sweet i think. she wanted my contact info after haha. anyways i dunno what happened after that because i couldnt understand. it wasnt until i was on the bus later that night that my north american companion Hna Kimes could translate to me from hma Odar my native companion what happened. the reason that Patricia was inactive is because someone offended her at church. so the spirit definitely prompted me to say those things in my testimony, because i had no idea what was happening!!! Its so awesome. I dont have to be perfect- all i have to do is try my best, and the Lord can use me to help His children :)

Lets see other things that happened this week... Theres an elder who looks like Luke Skywalker. And my district leader looks like Will Ferrell. Like I mean exactly like him. Its freaky.

One day at lunch my north american companions and i were talking in english (this doesnt happen a lot at lunch). afterwards, one of the sisters that was listening to our conversation said "que significa 'like'"? haha I was like oh dear the one word we say more than any other. haha.

Tuesday- Hma Odar and all my wonderful hermanas left early this morning!! Monday night we sang and all of the Latina Hermanas bawled their eyes out. haha I love it. I was sad to see them go because it is highly unlikely that i will ever see any of them again on this side of the veil.

The Hermanas
The first hermanas started leaving around 5. Before they left, each one would climb my ladder (we sleep on bunkbeds and the North Americans are always on top because they dont have bunkbeds here and they dont want to freak anyone out) so that they could kiss me goodbye. So I was pretty much awake at 5. but its ok im getting used to their culture and loving it lots and lots! at least it wasn't as bad as the elders- their latino companions woke up at 4 and started yelling goodbyes and turning on all the lights. hahaha i just love it here so very much.

So the Ipad (did i say ipod in my last letter? definitely Ipad) was never found sadly. Because of this, we will only have one companion from now on, so that there isnt changing companions all the time and confusion. this is too bad because i love getting to know more hermanas. but anways Hermana kimes is now my permanant companion. hermana May will have a permanant native companion but she hasnt arrived yet. Some girls did arrive last night and I got to meet two. One is from Chile and she is going to Santa Cruz, so its very likely we will be companions!!!!! aaaand, after her mission she wants to go to BYU and study animation!!!! So Mal, you might meet her too! She is hilarious and knows english well! shes just nervous about speaking it. im sure after she spends some time with my spanish she'll stop feeling nervous though haha.

If you get a chance and theres a way to do this, you should really watch Elder Bednars talk to the MTC in 2009. um its hilarious and so inspiring and you need to see it! but i dunno if its possible.

Oh did i write about how I taught one sister to say "Que en el Mundo?" (what in the world?) and then the whole CCM started saying it? hilarious! seriously everyone would say it. i said it infront of the new sisters last night though and they just stared at me. haha they will soon learn. :)

Starting Thursday i will be in a Latino District, where I will be expected to keep up with the class. Wish me luck!!

Elder Christophersen will be coming my last week i am here!!!! WOOOT! im so excited. This work just gets better and better. I absolutely love Peru!  I love the gospel! I love you all so much!!!!

much love always always always,

Hermana Elisa Black

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