Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week #8 - Last email from Peru, if you can believe it!

Family!!! Ah i just love hearing about your lives!!! It sounds like everyone is doing fabulous and im so excited about that!!!! I love you all so very much. happy birthday to everyone who has had birthdays recently!! You{ve been in my thoughts and prayers all week!!! :)

Well there wasnt really any big events this week, so i'll just try to write about just some individual things that happened. This week we werent able to go out on saturday which was super sad because thats what i look forward to all week long! the reason why is because we are being moved to a new ward area- something about the last one being way too dangerous. haha. I never saw anything super dangerous. The people here are just so great! but anyways the new ward wasnt ready for us yet, but they will be this coming week :)

So thanks for letters family!!! I got some more mail this week which was fun :) I love getting updates! So if you are gunna send a package please send some more floss, c drinks, and eucalyptus. but really, packages are so expensive! so please dont feel like you need to. also, the next time i send an email it will be on my pday in bolivia!! sooo i have no idea when that will be. also i have no idea when my flight is. I think its next wednesday though. Can you believe it???? I have fallen in love with Peru.

Ok so my new district has just been so great. last night we did one of those things we do in the car, you know where someone starts a beat and everyone joins in with different things??? Well yeah my whole district is amazing at rapping and beatboxing hahaha so pretty much it was amazingly cool! we are a pretty musical group. Hermana Cardon the presidents wife who is directing the choir says this is the most musical group of elders and sisters theyve ever had- and she knows its because we are singing for Elder Christophersen.:)

So language wise i finally started getting impatient with myself this week. I just wish i could know spanish before i go out! But i know itll be ok. Ive learned so much!! My favorite mistakes this week were both done by Hma Kimes: she said pescados (fish) instead of pecados (sins) and esposo (husband) instead of obispo (bishop) in two different lessons. hahaha gooood times. oh and i accidently blessed my district with health AND sickness one day.... oops. haha.

So this week we had hamburgers for breakfast twice... haha. we{ve actually been getting more vegetables because they have this suggestions book and a bunch of us write that we want veggies, so weve started having salads available for dinner!!!! so thats been cool. Also, North america doesnt know what churros are. Um, here they are AMAZING!!!! Also, today we had a quinoa salad for lunch!!! I danced around the lunch room and all the Peruvians laughed at me. They dont really like it this way- most of them only eat it with this purple corn syrup for breakfast or in drinks. But i loved it!

So one elder in my district is from the jungles of Peru and kills anacondas all the time- his case for his hymn book is made out of anaconda skin. Isnt that insane??? Everyone in my district comes from families and lives that are pretty unimaginable. All of them are the only one in their family that is mormon, or only like one or two other people are mormons. But they are all so strong and love the church. It changes lives and its a beautiful thing! I am probably going to come back home and cry easily at things though- every time the spirit is strong, all Latino girls just cry and cry and cry! Its adorable.

Theres an elder here that looks a ton like President Obama. Everyone knows who Obama is and they all know our elections are coming up. its weird to think i didn't even know where Bolivia was, and they all know who are president is, and often whos running against him. They say that a lot of what happens in thier countries depends on ours. Which speaking of that, two elders in my district are from Bolivia, and alll of us are serving in bolivia except hma Kimes and hma May! they are all serving in la paz, but all missionaries in bolivia go to the temple together once a year together. So anyways i talk to Elder Arancibia (from near santa cruz) about bolivia all the time.

Anyways we play soccer like crazy here. I might play for an hour or two... or three today. hahaha. I may or may not be getting really good.... according to my peruvian district haha. They are amazing. Like, i wish i could describe the things these elders can do with a soccer ball. I feel like im watching a magic show whenever I play soccer with them!

Anyways I love you all so very much. I know this gospel is true- i see milagros (miracles) every day. Multiple. Its amazing the power the Lord has, and I'm so grateful that i get to be a part of His important and life changing work!!!

Have a great week family!!! This is my last email from Peru and I can hardly believe it! Its been so amazing here. I seriously am so grateful i got to spend time in the Peru CCM. Its helped me to grow so much in my life!!!

much love always,

Hermana Black

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