Friday, August 24, 2012

Week #7 - Peru CCM Week Four

Hola familia!!!

I love you all so stinking much! so i have started to get  a little mail which is nice so thank you so very much!!, But probably dont send anything to peru anymore, since I’ve only got two more weeks! Can you believe it?! I’m so excited to leave. I mean i dont know spanish, but i am just ready to go out and share the good news!! I’m so sad about not being able to get chichis awesome blanket. I wish i wouldnt have left it!!! but I”ll buy one when i get to bolivia. Also I’m happy to hear about how well Tali’s tests came back! I hope everything works out for her hearing. i pray about it lots everyday. Also good luck with school everyone!!!!

Ok so wednesday we got to go on a tour last week because all of our latin companions were gone so it was just us gringos. I am really bad at bartering!!! this lady was trying to sell me something that i didnt want, but she lowered the price so i bought it anyways. My President laughed at me haha. It was only like 2 US dollars but still. I need to get better. I did buy a cute headband though! People collect different things from countries. Would it be weird if I collected headbands?? Anyways it was way cool. I am not allowed to send pictures this week I dont think or I’d show you. we visited the capitol and like there were so many people interested in the gospel! but we didnt really bring stuff like books of mormon!!! booo... Seriously everywhere we go, everyone is just ready for the gospel its insane!!!

Thursday we got our new district. I have only one companion and its Hermana Kimes! Its really fun because we are funny together. our whole district is Latino which has been fun. Of course they all beatbox and say que en el Mundo by now. They think Hma Kimes and I are hilarious. Well everyone does so whats new. There are only 6 latina girls, and 10 Norte Americana girls! Its waaaaaay different than last time, but we are having fun. Its just usually in english which is weird. haha. two elders in my district are from Bolivia which is way cool! plus most people are serving there, so thats awesome.

Friday-- this day i got selected to sing in the choir for when Elder Christopherson comes! well seeing as theres only 16 girls thats not that wierd haha. theres 8 girls and like 30 elders in the choir. ha. Its exciting though. Also this day, i was looking out my window and an elder from my old district told me to watch. He did this cool thing where he jumped upside down onto a pole. sorry i can't really explain it. He calls himself spiderman haha. But, he dislocated his shoulder. the moral of the story: dont be dumb- God is less likely to protect you from something you could have easily prevented yourself haha. But God does protect us a lot here- i could fill twelve letters with stories about that from the days we go out into the field!!

Saturday-- unfortunately we didnt get to go out to the field because we had all the new people come in. But I did have a cool experience in a practice lesson. I learned that for me, when people say just open your mouth and the spirit will guide your words doesnt mean that you should just start talking and you will magically have words to say, all though ive tried that and its awkward. ha. to me, it means, just use all the words you know, dont worry about it just say what you want to say, and the spirit will use what i know to get through to the people im teaching. it was a powerful experience.

Sunday everyone got sick but me, because i have oils and all that good stuff. Seriously, a lot of people are still sick today. Some people have started believing me and taking my oils, and they are getting better. I kind of feel like Moses with the Serpents. Ive got a way to heal everyone if theyll just try it! ha.

Monday all of my roommates and companion were sick, so i was the only girl in class. when i first got here i really struggled to understand when people talked to me one on one. when hma kimes was around and i knew i could trust that she was understanding better than me, i would be fine. but as soon as i was being counted on to understand, i'd freeze up a lot. But ive gotten so much better this last week!!! So i'm really happy about that. But because I’m in a latin district, i am probably going to have to be a ´senior´companion for a norte americana girl on saturday... which will be interesting seeing as i cannot understand people outside the CCM because they talk super fast and quiet and barely move their mouths. I’ve been told that that is just the way people talk in Lima, and that it should be better in Bolivia. I just hope saturday isn't a disaster. ha.

Tuesday was pretty fun for our district. We had the lesson on stress, which i already had in Provo. but it was way funner here in Peru. In provo, we had to run up and down 7 flights of stairs three times. i was hurting for a couple of days after that. Here, we did like all these relay races and stuff at 8 at night and it was super fun. ha. But its good that they teach about stress here- your first week is way hard. your first day out is terrifying. But the second time, things just get great. So you just have to have that 20 seconds of courage or that just do it once. Its way hard, but after that first time, its just a blast!!! I seriously love Peru so very much and going out and teaching so very much. Except, my companion was trying to talk to someone at the store today in spanish. And well they said please stop talking to us in english, we dont understand. so.... yeah. its tough, but those moments where you see someone feel the spirit makes it worth it!!! 

love, Hermana Black

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