Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pdays NOT relaxing

Hi family!!

So wow. I still keep waiting for the day when i will like pdays. haha.
They are so NOT relaxing in my mission, and i have to try hard sometimes
 not to get stressed out from all i have to do! haha. Weird
right? Hopefully other missions are more relaxing on pday. But
anyways... so a little more about my companion: she has been out for
10 months now. She is the oldest of 6 as well- and it goes girl girl
boy for the first three! Her brother is on a mission, and her sister
is about to leave. Then the next sibling is a boy who is 17- they are
going to have four missionaries out at once in their family! (for like
a month). Crazy right? and Hna Mita is from La Paz, Bolivia- her
mission is actually for Venezuela but she hasn’t gotten her visa yet
(there’s a lot of people here with this problem). And Hna Cornejo is
from Arequipa Peru. Felicidades Bryson on your mission call!!!!!

So i got Dads dear elder about this kid that’s staying with the
tippetts- has he met with the missionarys yet? If not, ya´ll are super
behind. This is something I’ve learned here. Outside of utah, if
someone goes to church once, it’s time to call the missionaries. (Sorry
marivel that i brought you to church AND institute for a year before
inviting you to partake of the fullness of the blessings of the
gospel). :) But yeah that’s exciting.

Ok so monday we had a zone activity. My zone leaders set up this
competition thing that was super fun- Trevor if you are ever zone leader
for the sake of the hermanas PLEASe use a little creativity for
activities. This was so fun!

Tuesday- lots of knocking doors and looking for a new house. We need a
new house because where we live right now, we pay separate for the luz
y agua. So we are looking. We looked all tuesday and wednesday and the
other hermanas have been looking too- but we haven’t found anything. I
think we will stay here. I dont mind i like it. I mean we have an
infestation of giant snails, but they are pretty chill. Hna Cornejo
named each one. (Hna Gutierrez accidently stepped on Moroni.  It was a
tragic day for all of us. well not me. I don’t like them haha).

Wednesday- it was super rainy again. Hna Calderon (the president’s
wife) asked us to ask our parents to send us warm clothes or money to
buy warm clothes- this is going to be one of the longest, coldest
winters of Bolivia. (And if i can believe any of the other north
american sisters, the cold here is way worse than the cold in Utah. No
one has heat, and it’s humid.) So please take this into consideration
for my birthday. :)

Thursday we had a conferencia with Elder Wadel? oh shoot i should have
written his name down i cant think of what it is right now. Anyways
he´s from the 70. He was really awesome and the conferencia was

Ok so friday- more knocking doors. Call me crazy, but i love knocking
doors. I love finding my brothers and sisters who are ready! Plus,
this worked super well for hna Morris and i. We were very
mathematical about the work- knock on x amount of doors, have y amount
of lessons, have z amount of baptisms. But this does not work for
hermana Gutierrez. I’m trying to find a balance for everything. I love
just looking, finding lessons, get in get out, move on. But this
doesn’t work for her. So I’m trying to find our balance, and what’s going
to work for us. Its hard sometimes because we are both the oldest of
6, we are used to doing things our way. :)

Saturday we finally found someone that is likely to progress! We found
a less active family- single mom with four kids. The last two kids
never got baptized. They are 12 and 14. The 14 year old, Mirta, came
to church with her mom this sunday. It’s the first time they’ve been to
church in 8 years! So we are focusing on them right now.

Sunday was good. We visited another less active family. In this house
there are two less active families. There are these two other kids
that live with another family there Ah! No time. Darn gotta go. But
yeah good week, hope all is well, good luck getting everything ready
mal!! oh ps i love Alma 4:19. well I’ve always loved it, i just read it
this week and it’s a great one for missionaries. ok much love!

much love, Hna Black

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