Monday, March 18, 2013

ALWAYS pray, ALWAYS read our scriptures, and ALWAYS go to church

hello hello!!

Felicidades Kirstin and Ben on your new baby! Also Felicidades a
Madeline in mock trial, and Afton in her play! How exciting and fun!!!
And Mal thanks for your joke- it was actually the first joke i ever
learned in the good ol provo ccm  :) Its a good one haha.

Anyways this week was not too exciting. Oh well monday was. Keila got
married! They just did a little ceremony. The only people there were
the family of Rodrigo (her new husband whose been a member all his
life), a couple in the ward that were the witnesses, and us the
missionaries. They are planning on having a party and everything in
one year, when they get married in the temple! yay!!! We love Rodrigo
and Keila. Rodrigo speaks english- he teaches it in Spain and around
south america via Skype. He has been helping us with our spanish too
which is super nice. Anyways that was great.

Tuesday we went and visited Laura- her family is dealing with some
really hard things right now. We talked to the ward council though,
and we are doing our best to help them. The ward here is seriously

Wednesday we had a conference. Our zone is doing really good which is
exciting. Also Hna Morris and I are just a great duo. There are
cambios this week though and 7 new hermanas are coming! So it’s pretty
much seguro that we are going to be split up. It’s been an awesome two
months though!

Thursday- so our zone leaders had this reference for this girl who
lives in one of the areas in the zone. But one of the elders who are
is in that ward has been super sick, and they haven’t been able to
leave their house. So Hna Morris and i got to go and her! She lives
right next to this delicious empanada shop. I couldn’t resist buying a
dulce de leche empanada. Well I ended up burning my fingers a little
from it, and my tongue was so burnt it was bleeding and blistered.
oops. haha. It was pretty delicious though. But anyways we talked to
her, and she has a baptism date set up and everything! But then the
zone leaders called and said that they are going to visit her now.
boo! But it’s ok. I’d spend all my money at that empanada shop.

Friday- this day Keila went with us to some citas. (appointments i
think is citas in ingles). She has matured so fast in the gospel! It’s
only been a month, but she was baring a strong testimony of the plan
of salvation. She talked more than we did! It was so special to see

Saturday- we had an activity called Reinos de Gloria (Kingdoms of
Glory) that Hna Morris has been wanting to do for forever, and finally
we have a bishop and ward mission leader that are supportive enough to
do it! It’s a really easy activity to do, and teaches people the
importance of being on time. The people that were there on time (7pm
exactly) got to go to the celestial kingdom. There we ate steak
sandwiches and drank juice. The next kingdom down was for those there
before 7:30. They got little empanadas and sweets. Those of us in the
celestial kingdom got to visit them. Also none of the husbands and
wives could sit together here, because we won’t have our families
there. In the last kingdom they got plain bread. it was for everyone
that came after 7:30. Everyone in the kingdoms where happy with what
they received- but they didn’t know what we had in the higher kingdoms
because only the people of the celestial kingdom could leave their
room. Anyways the bishop (being super into technology) took pictures
in every room, and at the end, we projected them in the sacrament
meeting room for everyone to see. Then everyone saw the differences.
It was a super fun activity, but unfortunate we didn’t have that many
people come. (Some people did show up at 8 though after we finished
the activity. sigh oh well).

Sunday- our only investigator who came to church today was Pilar. She
came in a skirt, and even brought her 19 year old brother! She´s
working hard to make this change in her life. Unfortunately Lili with
her daughter joselin and then Maria Torrez didn’t come. So this week we
will only see the baptism of Pilar. She is making a lot of changes-
she is looking for a new job. But she is doing great. Lili just doesn’t
understand. We have tried so hard for so long, but as missionaries
there is a lot we can’t do. We’ve been talking to her so much about
baptism, but it looks like she just likes to be visited by us, and
doesn’t want to do her part. This is really hard for me because i can
see her pain, and i understand it a little having had a family member
with cancer. I know that the gospel is the only thing that will help
her, but she doesn’t want to try it. We can’t visit her at the hospital
or anything, but we are going to try and visit them after. But if she
doesn’t do her part, and have a desire for the change, then it’s not her
time right now.

Anyways not anything too exciting this week i guess. The pictures are
of the wedding of Keila and Rodrigo, and me with the valentine
decorations you sent me (i had them up before valentine’s day i just
forgot to take a picture till this week haha). oh actually it looks
like the compute isn’t letting me sent this picture... dang. also mal-
be sure to bring 2 sets of pday clothes- you´ll need to wear one while
one is being washed :)

also is everything ok at home? (You can write me about everything now-
hna morris´s mom has been writing about things like a drive by
shooting at SUU and ive been fine :) ) so let me know all things in
the family :) Like how is Lula?

Also thought for the week- a lot of people here (and probably in Utah
too) feel like when they sin they can’t go to church, or read their
scriptures, or pray. But there is absolutely no sense in this!!! we
can ALWAYS pray, ALWAYS read our scriptures, and ALWAYS go to church.
in fact its when we are having the most problems that these things will
make all the difference!! SO pray pray pray and read read read and go
go go to church always!!!

Anyways i love you all so very very much. We passed our 8 month mark
this last week if you can believe it. Sometimes I am just so grateful
for the blessings i have that when i pray and thank my heavenly father
i just get so over whelmed that i start to cry. (emotional
rollercoaster? why yes, yes i am. Thanks for loving me anyways). I
love the work, but i am super excited to go home one day haha. But I’ve
made it 8 months. 10 more and then we are done! Ok well have a great

love, Hermana Black

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