Friday, March 22, 2013

New Companion

New companion, Hma Gutierrez, in front
hello hello!

So how exciting!! Heather Jane is going on her mission, Bryson is
going to get his call soon, and Talitha is going to Candyland! hahaha
i love it. Is Trevor working on his papers yet? This is so great.
Missions are awesome!

So we had cambios this week! But let me start with my last week with
Hna Morris.

On monday we got to go to the zoo! That was fun.

Tuesday we met with this catholic priest guy. We didn’t realize he was
like a big catholic head honcho, but he came to church so we visited
him. He actually lives in another area, but we just don’t have enough
missionaries for all of our areas, so we’ve been kind of covering this
other area. Anyways he probably wont progress because he just wont
pray about the church. It’s funny how someone so religious doesn’t
understand prayer. We taught him how to pray though, and he prayed for
his first time. Isn’t that so weird? But he doesn’t want to ask god if
what we have is true. So he can’t progress much. Also we visited this
family that´s been members for 13 years. They are fairly active. But
the mom asked me how to study the scriptures. So i started explaining
about the guides, etc. but she just kept asking how to study the
scriptures. She said when her kids have questions about a verse, she
just reads it to them again. So i said explain it. She said how. so
out of inspiration or exasperation i was like, well if it says the
word faith in the verse, that means that verse is about faith. She
then said OH! Really loud. So then i showed her examples of what
scriptures mean. It blew her mind. It’s so crazy to think that simple
things like prayer and scripture study are so weird and new to people.
I’m definitely grateful that I’ve had these things always in my

Wednesday we couldn’t leave in the morning because of the rain. We
stayed in doors and hna morris helped me make visual aids for lessons.
I’ve been blessed that I’ve never had a sick companion and I’ve only been
sick one day. But because of this, i dont have any visual aids haha. i
would recommend bringing a little visual aid or two- just laminated
pictures or something for plan of salvation. Just an idea
the afternoon we went out though. Our area has good drainage. Other
missionaries couldnt leave at all this day. Pilar got her interview
though, and I’m sure she got baptized saturday! I’m just sad i couldnt
be there for it- she is seriously amazing. But yeah, there were
cambios! Im going to miss centenario- i made lots of friends there.

Thursday- so now I’m in a new Stake!!! My second stake of the mission.
I’m in the ward Guaracal, stake CaƱoto. My ward area is super cute. It’s
really middle classy- my other areas were like some people super super
rich, others dirt poor. Here everyone is more even. It’s really calm
and cute- sorry that’s the only word i can think of to describe it.
haha. My new companion is Hna Gutierrez from Chile! Well her dad is
from Argentina. But yeah she’s really cool I like her a lot. The only
thing is i got used to 4- 5 lessons a day with hna morris, but the
world moves slower for latinos. So, we are down to 2-3 again.  I learned so so so so so so much from Hna Morris. I know what im doing now and how to have success! :) There is another companerismo in this ward- hna Mita and hna Cornejo. I love them too.

All three of these sisters eat ramen noodles for breakfast, and if
they eat anything for dinner its ramen noodles too. isnt that funny?
They have fruits and make juices sometimes and they have crackers too.
But its at least one pack of ramen noodles a day. Anyways it’s great
being in a house where everyone speaks spanish. Hna Morris and i were
definitely speaking english the last couple of weeks which is a bad

Friday- i got to eat my palta!! El sabor de los cielos. Enjoy through
the photo. anyways i think i said everything in Thursday that i would
say for friday... I’m trying to work hard and effectively. I’ve got to
learn how to be effective with my new companion though. We will get

Saturday- we did a service activity. thanks for the gloves mom! They
really came in handy. Sorry i don’t have any pictures to send with me
and a machete today- they are on Hna Cornejo´s camera. Just know I’m
really starting to master the art of mowing the lawn via sword. Also
today we had a baptism- Franz!

Also the other hermanas had a family.
So it was a very white night. Except the font didnt want to fill up.
So for the first hour of the baptismal service, we were bringing in
buckets of water from a spigot outside. That’s how i met Franz- he
worked hard to fill his own font haha. He is very sweet. In the
picture is his girlfriend. She is awesome! Too bad she isnt in the
ward. But yeah that was a great way to come into the ward- with a
baptism! it made me miss Pilar less i think. This ward is small like
Hamacas (my first ward). I’m excited for the work here though- i know
there are people for me to find here!!

Sunday- this day was Hna Mita´s birthday. Birthdays are a big deal
here. Did we get three cakes? Why yes, yes we did. And by cakes do i
mean whole cakes and not pieces? Yes, yes i do. I may get very fat in
this area. I wore a green dress in honor of Saint Patrick ’s Day.

Anyways I’m glad everyone is doing good. I’m excited about getting to
know this new area. I just want to knock on every door and find the
people right now! But ive got to work with my companion too. She is
amazing at teaching. She just needs a little push getting to the
people so she can teach them. For this i think we are going to be an
awesome pair, we´ve just got to get into a groove together. Its great
I’m excited. Anyways i love you all so much, and i hope that this week
is awesome for you all!!

love, Hermana Negra

photos- oh how i love avocados. and yes mom we do service- we cut down
a jungle on saturday.

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