Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bolivia :)

hola hola hola!!

Well first off i would just like to let you know that this week was lots lots better :) It was an interesting week though! But first some housekeeping business: I am sending a christmas package today- its all super small stuff, but i couldn't resist! it should get to you sometime in January i hope. have you been getting anything ive been sending? also, for how many weeks will malorie be in the ccm? also i tried to take pictures of my house but its too hard of angles, but i drew a picture and sent it last week so hopefully you'll get it next week! oh Dad how much money do i have please and thank you? Also rice cooks a lot lot faster here if anyone wants to know. oh also an important word to know: my favorite word i learned in the ccm is "Chevere" (kind of like Chevorlet the gas station). it means cool, but they don't use it in Bolivia, only Peru. But my friend who is a returned missionary here in my ward who served in Malorie's mission for half of his mission (before it split into lima central and cusco) uses it, so i do too. but anyways...

monday- I got to go to the centro again! love the big city. it was also our last day with Jorge and Adriana, but they just wont pray so there's nothing we can do.

tuesday- today i had to leave the house at 6a.m. to go to migration and do some paper work. it was fun because i got to talk to some of the other elders in my mtc group. One elder was telling me all about his area, and showed me pictures. its gorgeous! BUT its just out of the city so i will never get to go there. He´s having tons of success, and its just so beautiful! I was like dang i wish i could go there till he started talking about the Tarantulas....then i was like k cockroaches are actually kind of sweet.
Elisa's first zone in Bolivia
wednesday- today they took a census of all the country of Bolivia- something that only happens every 15 years! But it meant that we couldn't leave the house ALL DAY. Over 300 people were arrested because they were found outside of their houses. The entire country had to be inside all day. it was weird, but relaxing.

Thursday- Thanksgiving! to celebrate, I made the popcorn Monica sent and shared it with my zone at zone conference! most of the gringos forgot it was thanksgiving, because there is just nothing here that resembles thanksgiving! haha.

Friday- Black friday! I explained Black friday to my companion and she was weirded out and confused haha. we north americans are such weirdos. This night we planned an activity for the ward- a movie night, where members could bring friends to watch the movie about Joseph smith. we've been planning this for a while, and were super excited. the activity was scheduled to start at 7. Well at 7:30 there was four people: the ward mission leader, the guy with the projector, the bishops wife, and one member. at 7:50 hma choque and i walked outside. 2 families showed up, one with an investigator! at 8 we started the movie. after that people started trickling in. Even after 8:20 we would get people coming in and we´d say go on in its started! and they'd be like oh really??? wow. Bolivian time sure is different! anyways i think it was a success... the relief society president showed up a little after 8 with refreshments. Oh Bolivianos... haha

saturday- we talked with this members wife who belongs to another church. The more active people are in their churches here, the crazier they are. ha wish i had time to explain.

sunday- at 5:58 am i was woken up by the sound of flapping above my head. i was up and wasn't a bit tired. I used to be scared of moths in utah. (ask sister Lee for details if your curious about just how scared i was). The moths in utah i will compare unto a ping pong ball. The moths in bolivia: are basketballs.  Seriously if it wasn't for the fact that birds are colorful, you´d think the moths here were birds. but anyways it turns out it was not in the house but i was not tired after i heard the flapping. also i saw my first avocado tree! that was cool. We have a lot of new investigators right now that i'm really excited about, but i don't want to write about anyone if they don't really progress haha. so hopefully ill have some good stories about investigators next week. Fernando is helping us out though with one of our new investigators, and i cannot tell you how cool it is to see how different he is now- trying to spread the gospel and everything. He just has a light about him now and its so cool to see!

Anyways, I'm really grateful that this week was tons better than last week ha. I seriously am doing good. Don't wait for missionaries to spread the gospel- give your friends a chance to know the truth!

i love you all so very much, thanks for your prayers and support!

love always,

hermana Black

photos: the Lawn mowers of Bolivia (these cows were just roaming the park. its totally normal) and my first zone in Bolivia!

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