Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bolivia (sorry i always forget to think of creative subjects)

hello hello!

sounds like everyone had an awesome halloween! love loved the pics! too cute :) I did receive packages last monday from mom, monica, and Grandma. thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! (we don't get our mail till after we write on monday so i never know before). So is Malorie not going to have another semester of school then? shes leaving like januarish? crazy! well i guess my guesses are Mexico and Maine. haha. cool cool though. So someone has to tell me about elections ! Also, i love what the ward is doing. I cant even tell you the power of members! its the reason Fernando was baptized, but its also the reason why we don't have any progressing investigators right now...sigh. Members have so much power, i had no idea! Also, if anyone wants to send me their conversion stories id love to have them! ok...

Monday- this day we gave Fernando the pictures from his Baptism. he was so happy he started showing them to everyone around. haha it was great. He’s so happy- everything about him has changed for the better, and thanks to the amazing young single adults in the ward, he has tons of new friends too. it's awesome.

Tuesday- we had an investigator named Mary who is super catholic. She felt that our message was true, and this scared her so much that she decided she doesn't want to talk to us anymore. shes too scared to change her life. I've thought a lot about fear here on my mission. When i first arrived i was so scared, and i thought this was really bad because i thought it meant i didn't have enough trust in God. But I've been reading a lot of scriptures throughout the last couple of weeks, and there's lots of stories about people having fear at first. Joseph smith was scared when he saw the angel Moroni (Testimony of JS in the introduction). The women at the tomb where scared when they saw the angel (Matt 28:8), and Peter, james and John (Mark 9:6) were sore afraid on the mount. But their fear leaves them when they turn to God and use him as their light and strength. As I've done this I've found my faith build. Baptism is a scary thing, because its a change and you don't know what its going to be like. But when we trust god we know that as we step into the dark, He will catch us. BUT there is first that step into the dark.

Wednesday- Theres a lot of power in knowing what kind of questions to ask. It lets us know what the investigator is feeling and what they need. But knowing the right questions and when to ask them is the hard part! I want to be a good question asker.

Thursday- I am really starting to love our weekly district/zone meetings. it's fun to get together with the other missionaries in my area. This week the President of the mission was out of the country, but everything functioned just fine- totally normal. And its just a bunch of 19-22 year-olds out here running everything! It definitely builds my faith in the truth of this work to know that its possible with just a bunch of kids. God is in it all that's why it works! God makes weak things strong.

Friday- so today our Pensionista- Hermana Roxana who makes us food- was gone, so her son bought us chinese take out. well chinese food here is basically the same as all the other rice and meat we eat here, but my companion is convinced it was different. haha.

saturday- as i walked to the bathroom i almost stepped on dead remmy. dunno how he died but hes dead. it looks like someone stepped on him. It probably was my guardian angel. haha. anyways we don't have mouse problems anymore. ha.

sunday- i learned today that Dora the explorer is originally for spanish speakers to learn english, and that explorer in spanish is exploradora. therefore, it is a rhyme "Dora la exploradora". haha i thought that was super funny. Also, lots of people talk to us because they think we are jehovahs witnesses. when they find out we are not, they tell us they aren't allowed to talk to us, because they promised the jehovas witnesses they wouldn't talk to anyone else. sigh.

anyways a tough week, but i'm learning lots. I read a talk by Elder Packer, who talked about life with afflictions. I love that he says that yeah sometimes when we do whats right we are really alone. Therefore the question becomes, "when you're alone, are you in good company?" i love this, and i'm trying to work on being good company for myself. I often think, if only i was with someone who could speak english and realized how horrible some of these things are, we could laugh it off together. But now i'm trying to work on laughing at myself. "come what may and Love it" as Elder Worthlin said once. Anyways thanks for all the love and support! have a great week!!

much love,

Hermana Black

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