Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Hello friends and family!

so first off- I love what the stake/ward is doing with the books of mormon and references! i would do anything for that to happen here!!! i'm learning more and more about just how difficult of an area i am in right now, Fernando really was a miracle! But we found out this week that thanks to the change in age for missionaries, Santa Cruz is about to DOUBLE the number of missionaries! Instead of about 120, we are going to have 250 missionaries! I am so grateful because we really really need this. Also i did receive everything in your package, but I've been told that anything that arrives in December I most likely wont get, and there isn't a chance that it wont be broken into. Christmas things need to be sent AFTER Christmas. But we will see.
Also, I REALLY need more calming medicine if you can send it. But i got a blessing last night so hopefully that´ll help.
Also I sent Topher and Marivel letters two weeks ago- they should get them this week. Lets see what else...  Talitha- i love you so stinking much and am very grateful for your prayers and thoughts! every time i look at the moon i think about you.

ok moving on! Monday- every Monday that i wash my towel it rains hard core. this is bad because my laundry is hanging out to dry. the rain is awesome here though i love it! and it rains a lot all year because well its a tropical climate. Also all the juice and ice cream is straight up fruit here. i seriously love it so much! If there's one thing i will miss about Bolivia, it´ll be the ice cream  so dang good! oh also i'm trying to laugh at myself more- this day i accidentally told an investigator that in the church, we like ourselves a lot. haha oops.

Tuesday- so i really miss having Fernando to look forward to everyday haha. We don't really have anyone progressing right now, but we are working hard! In our ward there are quite a few young single adults that are members but no one else in their family are members. We are working with two sets of parents right now- Antonio Cruz is about to leave on his mission so his parents are giving the missionaries a chance right now. And Alejandro Medrano- his parents have a lot of problems, but his Dad comes to church sometimes. Alejandro is a returned missionary and his parents always love having the missionaries over. but they don't progress despite thousands of lessons...so we´ll see.

Wednesday- today i tried to talk to an elder in English  it was super hard. the Spanish and English are all just mumbled up in my head and i really cant speak either well right now. my companion in the mtc (sister Kimes) said that its easier for men to learn languages because they separate everything in their minds. for women, everything is together. i'm really feeling that right now haha.

thursday- another dead mouse was found. I knew there was more than one! Thus mickey has joined Remmy in the fields above. Also two north american sisters went home because of knee problems. We are now down to five of us! we are hoping to get more. I'm very grateful to Hermana Seaverson, one of the sisters who went home. she wrote me a note on my first day. the very first thing it said was DON'T GO HOME. I thought this was funny at first until i got to my house that second night, and the following days getting into the mission. Her note really helped me a lot.

Friday- today we received what we call our "10 hour challenge". A bishop from another ward in the stake has a son who now says he will give the church a chance- his dad says he just has to listen to the missionaries for 10 hours. so we have 10 hours to "convince" him and his wife that the church is true. This is a little unnerving but seeing as we don't have anyone else progressing i'm pretty hopeful. his name is Jorge and him and his wife are really nice. our second hour is tomorrow so we will see how it goes...

Saturday- today a lot of people are sick because it was really hot during the day, and there was a little wind at night. its so funny to me- i'll be sweating like a pig and we'll have people coughing because its cold. my companion is sick too because of how much the weather changes apparently. To me its all the same: hot. ha.

well that's it for this week. i'm grateful for awesome leaders- my zone leaders right now are top notch. I'm really hoping that this coming week will be a lot better!  

much love always,

Hermana Black

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