Sunday, November 25, 2012


hello hello!

First off SO COOL about malorie going to Cusco!!!! I know a bunch of Elders that are serving there because they were in my district in the CCM! Also I cant wait for you to meet the teachers there malorie!! They are going to love you because i was their favorite missionary ever hahaha. So so cool! Cusco!! You will probably have to learn two languages- thats what they told all the elders in my district!! wow sweet!

Well this week was extremely hard. I got to talk to the area psychologist on the phone (her and her husband are serving as psychologists for a lot of missions) this week. We figured out what is ´wrong´ with me- I have REALLY bad PMS haha. Its a real thing and I have it. Its extremely worse here though because: Ive been eating way too much sugar (there is way more sugar in the fruit here) and I am still struggling with Culture Shock. These things cause stress, and on top of all the other missionary things that cause stress, I had an extremely painful and hard week. This will happen once a month on my mission, but now that i understand the problem and am receiving help, things should be better. things already started getting better after I talked to Hermana Packard on the phone. So anyways, yeah.

The photos this week- are from a zone conference we had. Out of the 5 girls from north america here, one of them went to SUU! Shes in the picture with me.
Also the white girl in the zoo picture i sent is in the same ward as Uncle Wood in Washington! He emailed her last week haha. Anyways small world.

Monday- we have a new friend. Gus-gus. if you cant tell by the name, he´s a mouse. He hasnt gotten into the kitchen though i dont think. Also we got hot water again in our shower! but usually i keep the icewater- its just so hot usually.

Tuesday- so Jorge and Adriana changed the 10 hours to 5 hours. we have one hour left today. They came to church for an hour this sunday, but they just dont want to pray about the church, but they want answers. sigh. Its hard because they are so pressured into this. We will try one more time today (monday 19th) as hard as we can though.

Wednesday- We had a surprise zone conference! which was actually really good becuase its where i got to talk to the other north american girls and they are the ones that recommended i talk to the councilor. Im so glad I did! Its really helped me to think more positively too. I was telling myself ´´God will help me´´ but i wasnt using the things he gave me to help me, like the councilor. But now I think things will be better.

Thursday- We had a returned missionary in one of our lessons who taught with great power with one of our investigators. I thought i was going to learn how to teach like that when i left the mtc. psych! no one teaches you how to teach the gospel. i really hope i can teach with that kind of power though one day!

Friday- My companion was attacked by Edward this day. Edward is a bat if you couldnt tell. Also I learned that one of Satans favorite things to do is exploit negative thoughts. If you think a negative thought, He will blow it out of proportion. so to be safe, just dont think negative thoughts! Its not worth it!

saturday- I tried to pray in english haha didnt work i couldnt do it. had to start over. also i scared this little old lady that looks exactly like the little old lady at the beginning of the movie Ratatouille. She had these giant eyes and she was sweeping and i walked passed her gate and she almost died of fright. We tried so hard not to laugh but man it was hilarious!!!

Sunday- we got two new investigators today thanks to the same family that helped with Fernando! Most everyone else in the ward just complains that this ward is super hard and no one wants to listen to the gospel here. This family, the Family Torrez is the only family that gives us references, and hey look? we had a baptism. Also, theres this giant tent in our area thats set up saturday and sunday, and if you want a miracle from god you walk in the tent and pay a bunch of money. This guy is screaming scriptures and things at the people and making them jump up and down and yell Hallelujah every couple of minutes. Its insane and sad...

Well this week was hard but I know i can do the work of the Lord. I would recommend mal and trevor learning how to deal with stress, and learning stretches and things because my muscles have gotten tense and stuff. But I am so excited for Malorie! Cusco is going to be awesome. Peru is seriously amazing and I love it so much! Thanks family for your advice, help and love. oh also if someone could get me Britany Samuelson (Dewey)´s address that would be awesome! Thanks so much!

love always,

Hermana Black

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