Wednesday, January 16, 2013


***So, my (mom) favorite part of this week's email is one of the last lines. I bolded it. I'm going to try and get excited from now on...***

hello and howdy!

This was a good good week. Hna Choque and i have definitely improved as teachers of the gospel. We are better at listening to the spirit, discerning needs, working together, and having more effective lessons. its great! But of course transfers are this week so... we will see what happens!

My toe is fantastic thank you. i stopped wearing flip flops the second day. i haven't had any pain since BEFORE i went to the clinic. Everything is hunky dory.

So for new years eve, parties usually start at 10 or so and go all night. The fireworks were incredible- we have a big window in our room and the colors flashed in amazingly. Also its traditional to do something with the number 12 at midnight. the most common things are: eat 12 grapes as fast as you can, run up and down stairs 12 times as fast as you can, or give people 12 million dollars in fake money. Also, they think that in the states we all wear these big top hats for new years so a lot of people here wear them. haha.

Oh as for the fruitcake- its not my favorite thing but people here love it. i hear its good with something to "drink"... but anyways it was fun to be a part of the tradition here by eating some.

Monday- we felt inspired to visit a certain less active on new years- and it was her birthday! Also, her brother died 3 weeks ago. i love being able to be an instrument in the hands of god. Also we played volleyball as a district since it was pday, and a lot of people kept saying, "its alright Hermana- volleyball just isn’t your sport. its soccer. don’t worry." Yeah i almost broke one of the lights at the church where we play... maybe its the change in hemisphere but I’m definitely better with my feet here.

Ok so tuesday we had hard core rain! it rains a lot here which i love love love! This time our house didn’t leak- we didn’t do anything i dunno why it doesn’t leak. but the rain hits hard and fast here. we were walking and suddenly bang! the we are wadding through water. The sidewalks in most areas are high up for when this happens. we were walking along a side walk that’s about 3 feet above the road when this taxi starting coming down the road.We stopped to watch it- it was incredible watching it go through the water! the waves were huge- i was like where’s my jetski? but then too late we realized that it was quickly approaching us. yeah, we got drenched. haha it was a blast. we didn’t have any lessons- no one opens their doors here when it’s cold, they all sleep. But we had fun.

Wednesday we found this girl named Erika- 25 years old. She had gone to church for a year in the past, but never been baptized! We were so excited. We gave her one of our few precious books of mormon. Well it turns out she doesn’t live in our area. Your welcome Elders. haha.

Thursday- god likes chain reactions. or doing things line upon line. We had talked with this Adventista (thats a religion) last week, and had been preparing to explain why even though God cannot change, things like the sabbath day change. Well we prepared a lot, but she doesn’t want to progress. Sometimes its easy to think, why did i feel inspired to knock on that door if the person doesn’t want to hear the gospel? But then this night we called Auster again. Well it turns out that he has been reading the book of mormon! But he was confused as to why god says don't kill, but nephi was commanded to kill Laban. Well thanks to our preparation with that Adventista, we were able to give him a good answer! This is only one of the many experiences that i have seen with line upon line. Like knocking on this door leads us to this door which leads us to this street which leads us to Erika. Even though she doesn’t live in our area God prepared the way for us to find her. Its awesome.

Friday we had an awesome zone conference- our zone is super small right now- only 12 people or so. its usually 18-20. But a lot of missionaries went home before Christmas and we didn’t get any new missionaries and one hermana went home because of her knees. But anyways it was inspiring and faith building- i'm grateful for these weekly zone conferences! 

Saturday so the Uriona family went to the temple this week (everyone but Roxana) to do baptisms for their family and they found that someone else has done tons of the work! so now they are trying to find who is in their family that is also mormon! its so cool.

Sunday- again with the line upon line thing- we went to pick up an investigator who wasn’t home so we were running to church and we got there just as Rosemary was walking through the door. because of the exact right timing of our entrance, we were able to find her and now she and her husband are our newest investigators! i have definitely been learning that when things don’t work out the way you want , be excited- God just might have cooler things in store for you!

Anyways i love you all so stinking much!

love, Hermana black

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