Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Transfer!

hello hello!

Well this week there was transfers!!! I am with Hermana Morris, from
Cedar City UTAH! ‘Ive already sent you a picture of her ha! Its great i
am loving it. I’m in the same stake , but a different ward, and i
already love it. My area is Centenario. The members want to help and are so nice! its so great and so different!
:) but anyways my new piensanista gets really offended if we don’t eat
everything she gives us, and it’s a ton of rice with a little meat, and
some kind of soda. So... dunno what to do about that. She´s from
Columbia which is cool.

Ok so monday i learned a new word- wakala! it means yuck or gross! It’s
my new favorite word. Also, i took hermana choque out to get a
cupcake- it was one of my christmas presents to her. Oh and her family
sent her stuff so no worries about that.

Tuesday i had to go to migration for the second of three times. So
that was a long morning. This night we were visiting Fernando and when
we left, we both really felt like it was goodbye. I was surprised by
this, because we were pretty positive that Hna Choque would be
leaving, but I’d be staying in Hamacas. It was a good goodbye. He´s

Wednesday hna choque took me out to ice cream. hm... maybe i can cut
back on sugar more than i thought...oops. ok I´ll work harder ha.
dang. Also, this night was our last night with the Uriona family. As a
good bye present, one of the cats peed on Hna Choques leg. hahahahaha.
Well this is the night we got the phone call about transfers!! So we
did some packing.

Thursday- packing all morning. I got to my new house at 2:30. It was
naaaasty!!! We ended up cleaning for 4 hours. It’s because elders lived
there last, back in november and they left stuff in the fridge and
then turned the fridge off. That’s just one of the things we found.

Friday- so because we are both new to the area and it’s been a while
since missionaries were here, we are "opening" the area. We are doing
a lot of door knocking. But Hermana Morris knows how to work! We are
doing so much and i absolutely love it! Hermana Morris gets
how to work and we are working hard!!! I love it so much. Also, the
members are seriously amazing. Everyone wants to help us out. Which
is awesome, because neither one of us speaks perfect spanish. But i
definitely have the gift of tongues tons more now. I understand
basically everything during lessons. This week has been great!

Saturday- lots of hard work. lots of understanding spanish. i'm feeling
like a missionary and its great!

Sunday- wow this day was freaking hot!! Usually when it gets so hot
here that you feel it down to your bones, it rains hard core which I
love. But i waited, and the rain didn’t come! We visited the bishop
this night and his wife is from a different part of the santa cruz
mission. She says that it’s so hot there, that the missionaries cannot
leave between 11-5. Also hermanas kept fainting there so that’s why
hermanas can't work in that area anymore. Also she made tamales for us!
They are super yummy but different- sweet and cheesy. sounds gross
right? But i really liked it.

Ok well that’s all for this week. oh i bought that picture book i
showed you on skype! Also don’t send a new package grandma- we didn’t
really get mail all december and we don’t get mail when there’s
transfers so i could still get her package. Anyways can’t write more
but i love you! chao chao!!

hermana black

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