Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hola familia!

So this last Monday i got so much stuff! I’m definitely the most loved
missionary :) I received packages and cards from the young women of
the ward, gramma and chichi and lula, Patrice family, Evan family,
marivel, the ward, madeline, deedee, dory, and morgan! (and mom and
dad:) ) so thank you so stinking much! Seriously, my zone leaders had
to take a taxi to bring everything. They were like, we just need to
have the mail go directly to Hermana Blacks house. Then she can bring
the one or two other letters to those who get them. Haha. Oh and yeah
i got your orange letter madeline, sorry i just have not been able to
write back! 
Also i do not have much time today- we had a big activity
and now we only have 30 minutes to write! But yeah. Thanks so much for
your letters and packages!!! Also my companion says thanks to grandma
and chichi for the stuff in the christmas package :)

Ok so i wrote last week about three families that came to church which
was amazing! Well two of them don’t want to talk to us anymore sadly.
But the third one a mom (Nanci) brought her two kids (sophia age 7 and
Israel age 8) to church with her, along with her brother in law,
Marco. Marco is progressing super fast! He already has a testimony of
the gospel during this week, and he is super excited for his baptism,
Feb 16! His birthday is feb 17, and he´ll be getting the Holy Ghost
that day! We are trying to prepare Nanci and Israel for that day too,
but they are going a little slower. Her husband, also named Israel,
doesn’t want to talk to us yet. But with this wife and brother
listening to us, we are hopeful that he will soon! Also, this lady
thats been coming to church for a while named Maria Torrez isn’t a
member because she isn’t married. But her husband was a member a long
time ago. We felt like we should visit her, and we found out that she’s
been preparing to get married this next week! So we are excited about
getting her baptized soon too. Then we also have Kaila, who is
planning on getting married to a member, so she wants to get baptized.
We are excited about these people right now. We definitely have so
much support in this ward, and that’s been so key in these lessons!
(and not just because the members can speak spanish haha)
Also congrats to afton in the play! someone record it for sure!!!
ok have i mentioned that it is hot here? wow its insane! i am hot and
rashy and man wow haha hot. id put some more descriptive words but i
really don’t have time and cant think fast enough in english right now
haha. it finally rained friday- for the first time since january 2nd.
i love the rain so stinking much!!! it was so cool. We looked and saw
these black clouds on the horizon at about 7. Then we knocked on a
door, and with this lady we watched as in less than 10 minutes, the
whole sky was super black and the world became SeaWorld. We ran home
as fast as we could (its dangerous sometimes with how much the rain
just pours and we didn’t have an umbrella or anything). we were
drenched! Well we couldn’t really leave so we made some popcorn and
watched the rain and listened to the thunder. It’s so loud here, like
it sounds like the sky is breaking. i love it so much!

so i read in the bible that parable about how first the rich people
are called to the feast, and then later other people until the feast
is filled. well i thought about that other scripture, about how many
are called and few are chosen. And as i read that parable, i realized
that we CHOOSE to be chosen. its in our actions and choices and who
we follow. I like that i have the control to decide.

Anyways it was a good week full of lots of hard work and i loved it!
January has flown by for me. It’s nice to understand the work and start
to have success. I love you all so much! Thanks for so much support
and love!

love , hermana black

ps if i could ever get a copy of grandmas testimony, that movie for
the church in spanish, that would be awesome! maybe for my birthday?
:) thanks!

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