Tuesday, January 22, 2013


hello hello!

So today my zone leaders came in a taxi to internet- because they had
to bring tons of packages! So finally I’m going to get stuff today.
Everything from December and January hopefully. I sneaked a peak and
saw that i have two from Marivel and one from sister Wendelboe! I´lll
let you know what else next monday. Thanks so much everyone! Oh also i
never asked if you got everything in my christmas package? There was
something for mom and dad and for the whole fam too. Also Hna Morris
just told me that her mom wrote and said that she saw someone at the
post office sending me something this week! I’m guessing it was
marivel? Anyways small world!!! Also i love that you are so good at
science projects family haha. Hna Morris is a chemistry major :)

Ok so parasite update: so my companion made me call sister Calderon
because i was sick. She of course said go to the clinic. i was not
exactly thrilled about this. But I’ve learned something out here
believe it or not. When there´s something hard that you need to do,
you need to ask God to help you with three things. Or maybe its just
me. But it really helps. First, you need to ask for STRENGTH to go
through with the trials or things that will help you grow. Then,
you´ve got to ask for the CAPACITY to handle the situation when you´re
in it. Then, you ask for the RESILIANCE to be ok and keep moving
forward after. When i focus on these three things and asking God to
give me these things, I feel like i have more control and receive the
help i need. So anyways, i went to the clinic on Tuesday, and got the
test results Wednesday. On Tuesday i got a blessing from my awesome
zone leaders. I also have been taking the drops like crazy. Well, I
don’t have a parasite! I mean im pretty sure i did, but thanks to the
medicine, sleeping all day Tuesday, the blessing, and i know tons of
prayers from family and friends, I’m cured! (that’s quoted from the
stripes book that Tali loves :) ) anyways so I’m super happy obviously
about that.

Monday- so i was pretty sick all day, and Hermana Morris washed
aaaaall my clothes by hand for me! Man she is the best. Also, we had
some construction going on at our house to move the bathroom door to
open into our bedroom and not to the outside. The walls were done in
one day, but we didn’t get a door until Saturday haha. Its been fun.
oh Hna Morris has been out one year.

Tuesday- sick all day. its easy to get fevers here because its so hot.
also people get pneumonia because you’ll be outside sweating like crazy
and then it’ll rain cold rain. But anyways wednesday i pretty much felt

Wednesday- tons of hard work from hna Morris and hna black!! hna
morris really understands how to effectively work and effectively use
time. its awesome.  We complete our realistic goals and feel the
influence of the spirit like crazy!

Thursday- we didn’t complete our goals but we still worked really hard.
We got to know our bishop who has an awesome conversion story,
including running across Bolivia which is always cool right?

Friday- so we have 5 girls in the ward that are all leaving for the
mission soon, and are inviting their friends to listen to the
missionaries! they are so great- like even if one of their friends
arent´home, they have a backup plan with more friends!!! haha love it.
its so great. Also this day i had a whole conversation alone with one
of the girls when my companion was talking to another girl, and i
understood everything and was able to communicate!!! I am definitely
doing awesome with spanish right now :)

Saturday- what a huge difference effective planning and use of time
makes. I cannot even believe the difference in the work!! The day goes
by fast when we use it well!

Sunday- today is where everything really paid off- where we really got
to see the fruits of our labors. 3 FAMILIES came to church this day.
All three families are preparing for baptism for February 16. I dont
think all the members of every family will be ready be this date
maybe, but we will definitely be having some baptisms this transfer!
Hard work is paying off so well for us right now. hard work is worth
it because there are results! We have been able to find the people
ready in this area. Today i kind of felt like Ammon, bringing groups
of people to the waters of baptism. But im getting carried away. Feb
16 is still pretty far away and there’s much work to be done!

Anyways awesome week obviously. oh my piensanista is named Jose. its
really different here. Hna Roxana was kind of like a mom, but jose
just gives us food. We live in the same house with her and the family
of her sister. I’ll have to send pics of the house i love it. ha.
Anyways this is all i can write right now but thanks so much for your
love and support!

love, hermana Black

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