Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crazy week

hello family!

So it’s so great to hear that Easter was awesome. I love Easter! But
lemme tell you about my crazy week...

So monday we had an activity with another zone and it wasn’t futbol for
once! it! boo... hahaha. Only the gringos and those
from the dominican republic knew how to play. I didn’t play because i
don’t like baseball. But i ended up coaching my team (my zone is almost
completely latin and the other team was almost entirely tall gringos
that won their state championships). I was really good at yelling
"CORRE CORRE CORRE!" and "A FUERA A FUERA!!!" I decided that im
excited to be a sports mom. It’s fun yelling at people from the

Well tuesday was a pretty boring day. we only had one lesson. I tried
to talk as nice as i could to my companion about maybe we need to try
to work a little harder. She ended up yelling and crying... oops. i
just sat there and let her rip on me. But then that night we got a
call... interviews with president! Ah i couldn’t sleep. I didnt know
what i was going to say to him. So i just tried to pray and pray.

Wednesday- well we had interviews in the morning. I was worried all
morning until i got to the offices. Then the spirit just told me "dont
worry about it- just go in there". So i did. i figured i wouldnt say
anything about her. But he knew somehow. Mission Presidents are
seriously the coolest people ever. They know everything important.
Anyways he told me, "I know how we are going to fix this problem.
CAMBIOS!" and i was like "no no i don’t want to run away from my
problems." and then he was like "no no it’s not that. It’s that we need
to get a sister out of her zone right now. Ready to train?" so yeah
that’s how that went down.

Thursday- so now im in a new zone, and we can’t send pictures on these
computers, so i can’t send a pictures of my new companion. But her name
is Hermana Michel and she is from La Paz, Bolivia. Her mission is for
Venezuela, but she doesn’t have a visa yet. I will be finishing her
training (she’s been here a month). She’s 27 years old, and...she
SINGS!!!! Ah we have so much fun singing! She’s the only hermana i know
that not only can keep singing soprano when im singing alto, but she
can read music too! It’s great.

Friday- so this is the only real Easter thing that happened was on
this day. We live close to a cemetary, and the world smelled like
flowers this day which was super nice! But then at night we were
walking passed, and there were these big crowds of people walking
around, one person chant-singing on a microphone, and other people
holding up a glass box with the "body of Christ". Um yeah freaky! So
that’s how we celebrate Easter here in bolivia.

Saturday- so i never thought in training id talk much less than i ever
have in lessons. My companion thinks she’s my mom and feels bad that i
don’t understand or talk very well, so she just talks...and talks...
and talks.... but I’ll keep working with her. I mean obviously.
Training is not like i thought it would be though, but i think it’s
mostly the age thing. But we have fun together.

Sunday- so i gave a talk in church today in my new ward about the
atonement. A lot of mormons here think we dont celebrate Easter,
because it’s so big in the catholic church. But we do. In case anyone
was worried or doubtful about that. But we like eggs better than
carrying around... things. Oh also, we were waiting outside a house
for an investigator, and this woman walks by. She asked "where is the
jehovas witness’ church? and we were like we dont know but we are
missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of- and then she cut us
off and was like "that’s the church i want to go to!" so we were like
yeah well let’s go! Apparently she woke up this morning with a huge
desire or impression to FIND GOD NOW. So she got ready and left her
house early in the morning. Well she walked long and far and dint see
a single person or church. Well long story short, she followed the
spirit, and ended up right in front of us! She came to church, and she
already feels it’s right, and that a huge burden has been lifted. Even
though she walked around all morning, she lives in our area, and close
to the church. Just one of the many miracles that happen on the
mission! So that was exciting. Oh also, we are having an activity on
the 13th of this month, and it’s really hard to get members to go to
missionary activities because everyone always thinks it’s just for new
members for some reason. But, using my creativity (better known as
using the brain of my wonderful mother), i said lets sing the
announcement in all the classes! (oh by the way I’m in a house for four
again so there is four missionaries in this ward. the other two are
Hermana Choque, my trainer, and Hermana Huenchur, the only other
hermana who came with me into Bolivia). So, that’s what we did. I think
we blew everyone’s minds. i think people are going to come to our
activity. Thanks mom! so yeah. good day.

Well thats all for now. Oh have i mentioned that Elder Bednar and
Christopherson will be visiting us this month? (this is not an April
fools joke). yeah! its exciting. Anyways i gotta go, sorry no
much love always and forever from me, hermana black
So actually that was an april fools joke... Elder Christopherson isn’t
coming, its elder Craig C. Christiansen i think of the 70 oops! :)

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