Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ah!!! family aqui in south america!! woot!

hello hello!!

Ah i am so excited for malorie to be here THIS WEEK!! Holy cow nuts!!!
I am just giddy. The ccm in Peru is SO much better than Provo! In my
humble opinion. wow! I can’t help but think mom how much of a blessing
getting stuck in a bunch of airports is. She hopefully won’t be so lost
and shocked and confused in the airport in Peru! Oh the peru airport.
so many of my favorite experiences happened in Peru. Seems like
yesterday.  Ok enough of that. Ah i am just so excited! Is she flying
out with other missionaries? Oh But mom what is malories direction for
the ccm and mission? Also because malorie will be in the ccm in Peru,
theres a boy in my ward that will be joining her the week Michaela
goes in (is she going to ccm in peru too?). So I’m going to send him
with a letter to you mal, so look for Elder Chino! Too cool. Also i
think I’ve figured out the best way to send our weekly reports to
each other. Mal and I can email each other, but there just isn’t a lot
of time! This might be too complicated, but could you mom or dad send
our letters to each other via dearelder? Especially when she is in the
ccm she just won’t be able to read anything i email. Is that too
complicated? Let me know. Also, all the bishops and leaders are on
fire after having Elder Bednar here. My bishop wants to make a ward
directory. Is there any way you could email me pages of the ward
directory we have in provo? Sorry i know this is lots and this week is
already crazy enough! As far as hangers go: yes bring hangers- the
thinner the better :) also thanks so very much for the dinero!! I’m
going to have to go buy some warm clothes now. I don’t really know when
it will hit- June July and august are the coldest months but may is
supposed to be pretty cold this year too based on the amount of rain
and cold days we´ve been having (which really haven’t been much yet but
i guess more than usual). Also sorry no pictures. I have a lot of good
ones but again i have a computer without the ability to send pics.

Ok ok moving on. So on monday we had an awesome FHE with a family of
different levels of inactivity and membership. It’s this really awesome
family- a grandma with 3 sons i think and their kids and other
assortment of cousins. It’s the family of Elder Chino that malorie is
going to meet. He is the only one super active, but there are others
that come some times. Anyways we explained part of the family a
proclamation to the world to them. We used our white board to draw a
tree. We asked what "fruits" do you want in your family? We drew
fruits of unity, love, and happiness, etc. then we said well how do we
get those fruits? Then we drew on the roots what things we need to do
to get those fruits: things like going to church, family prayer, etc.
It was incredible! It’s so simple. But one of the dads was like "whoa
the gospel makes sense now!" oh i cannot even begin to describe how
great that is to hear that! Our hearts were full when we walked home
that night.

Tuesday....door knocking... i actually love door knocking. I had to
tell myself i love it for a couple of weeks at the beginning of my
mission, but now I really do.

Wednesday- we tried singing in a park together. We were in the middle
of the third line of a beautiful duet of all creatures of our god and
king when some man came up and was like "stop singing. i need money to
go somewhere. Give me money to go on the bus". We were like we don’t
have money but he started getting really pushy so we ran away. haha.
We are trying hard to figure out what to do with our talents we’ve been
blessed with. That wasn’t the right choice but at least we are trying
right? haha

Thursday - using our "lista de accion" (dunno what this is in english)
we found a family that has a 9 year old daughter that isn’t baptized.
So we visited this family. It’s a family a lot like the family of Laura
that Hermana Morris and i taught. It’s a family of 8 kids, this 9 year
old is the youngest. All are super inactive except one daughter who
lives in another part of santa cruz. We are going to try hard to
activate them and baptize Gabriela :)

Friday- we felt like we should visit Edith again (we sang I believe in
Christ to her and she couldn’t stop crying last week). She let us in,
and we talked lots to her. We were really excited- she´s actually very
humble, she just puts on a face like she is tough but we just have to
be a little persistent and she lets us in. We were having a great
lesson and then we asked her to be baptized. Well she told us that she
actually went to the River Jordan in Israel (Israel right? well
where ever) and was baptized. So she isn’t quite as enthusiastic about
our humble fonts. But we will see. Every time we sing with her the
spirit is so strong. That’s why she keeps listening to us.

Saturday- 3 hours with elder bednar!!! Wow. I can really tell that I’ve
matured spiritually because when Elder Christopherson came to the ccm,
i was like "cool an apostle!" but this saturday with Elder Bednar I
was just full of joy! The 3 hours were like 20 minutes. I wish i could
write everything I want to here, but I’m almost out of time! One of my
favorite things he said though was, if you don’t get the blessings you
think you should get, will you keep doing what’s right? Will you keep
being obedient today? This week? Your mission? Your whole life? Does
your faith depend on the results YOU think YOU should get? Ah love it.
It reminded me of your discipleship meter dad :)

Anyways Carlos was interviewed sunday and will be baptized this
saturday. He is a great kid. In the first lessons he was super serious
and i was kind of scared of him haha. But now he is happy and laughs
and is actually really funny. His life has changed and it’s a beautiful
thing to witness.

Well hopefully we get in a couple of houses for a second time this
week. We  are pretty good at getting into houses for a first lesson,
but no one is ever home for the second visit! But we will get there. I
have so much energy to go go go and help the Lord with this work!
(Even though we have now killed two mice in our house. and when I say
we I mean my companion haha).

Well here’s me sending lots of love to provo and peru!!!

love, Hermna BLack

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