Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elder Bednar is coming...

hello hello!

Well this was an interesting week. It was fun, and we worked a lot,
but we aren’t seeing many fruits of our labors lately.

But anyways a couple of things: i haven’t been able to send Trevor’s
birthday card yet! sorry Trev. Hopefully I’ll get that in the mail next
week and you’ll get it in May sometime. I did try. Also I got a package
from Sylvia and Bryans family! Thanks so much! My companion and i love
it! :) Also, i don’t think i have an exact release date, especially
because we have army kids coming in almost weekly so transfers are
weird right now (oh by the way if you are a misionero age 18, or
misionara under age 21, you are considered part of the Army of
God/Helaman). But my foto is up under the month of January, so i am
planned to go home then. But we will have new presidents by the end of
the year so who knows? So yeah that’s that. My guess for Trevor:
Russia, Rhode Island. OH OH also, the son of our pensionista served
with Paul my cousin in Honduras! Cool huh? They weren’t ever companions
but Paul was his first zone leader.

Ok. So time is moving super duper fast. When people say that once
you’re half way your mission goes by fast, i was like yeah that makes
sense. But i wasn’t expecting to basically blink and be in April! And
the MIDDLE of April! Holy cow im still in march! haha. But yeah it’s
kinda awesome and scary at the same time.

Monday was fun- we played Wally Ball. It is so much more fun with
latinos, because they use their feet. haha. We had a lot of fun.

Tuesday we had a one hour reunion with the President. Him and his wife
were just in salt lake for a week! Anyways it was an awesome
conference all about if you want more faith, be obedient! We never
have to question if the apostles are obedient. Obedience brings faith.
Also I’m learning a lot more about the importance of being self
motivated in the mission. No one makes me learn spanish. No one
teaches me how to teach. No one is teaching me how to be a trainer.
You’ve just got to start doing stuff yourself. Sometimes i don’t like
this- I’d rather have someone tell me how to do things, so that i do
things ´right´. But when we take the initiative, we are learning about
how to be more like God, because no one tells him what to do.anyways
it was an awesome conference and i am super motivated!

Wednesday my companion tried to get a starfruit out of a tree and it
fell and hit her in the face haha. That’s all i remember for wednesday
oops haha.

Thursday we couldn’t do much- my companions leg was doing really bad.

Friday we had some problems with the area with the other hermanas that
are serving here. We were confused and everyone was kind of mad at
each other. But on sunday we realized that our ward mission leader has
been starting subtle things between us. So now we are really united as
misioneras, and need a new ward mission leader. haha thats the long
story short.

Saturday we had an awesome lesson with Carlos about a lot of the big
commandments. it all worked out so perfectly: I felt strongly that we
should make his friend in the ward come to the lesson (normally we
just invite a sister because we can’t teach hombres alone.). We ended up
getting a couple of friends in the lesson because we did the lesson
right after a baptism. Well it was perfect- they would all give their
own testimony and experiences about every commandment and it helped
Carlos not only understand the importance, but see that this is what
his friends and peers live and love. It’s so important to be a friend
to people who are investigating the church! Unfortunately though we
wont be having his baptism this week, but next week. it’s because....
Elder Bednar will be coming to our church building this weekend! So...
that’s kind of important. We´ve been getting everything ready. It’s
amazing the excitement here. To have an apostle walk the streets where
i walk every day is amazing. To have him see what i see here every day
is like... i dunno. But its cool and im excited.

Sunday our only investigator was Carlos. I dunno what happened with
our Miracle lady Beti who thought we were jehovas witnessess. We are
going to visit her today. Oh and the lady we sang to and wanted us to
teach her family- well her pastor said we were lairs or something like
that so i guess that’s not going to happen. So this week we worked hard
with out much fruits...yet. We are doing good though. We are getting
better and better at teaching together. I seriously cannot believe how
fast time is moving now!

Mal- I’m so excited for you to join the field! I’ve been trying to think
of some advice to give. The best thing i can think of, is just take it
one day at a time. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in thinking "I
can’t do this for another 15 months!" or 10 months, or whatever it is.
But every time I think, ok can I just do it today? The answer is
always yes. And then i always ask, can i do my BEST just for today?
And incredibly, the answer is always yes. The mission is awesome. Don’t
waste a moment, but enjoy it too. Don’t get stressed. If you start get
stressed, stop and do something different. Take a moment to get on the
right page again. That’s part of doing your best: knowing your limits
and how to improve little by little not chunk by chunk. 2 nephi 30:28
(I think that’s what it is- line upon line) is one of my favorites. :)

Anyways this is an amazing time to be members of the church. I love
you all so much!

hermana black

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