Tuesday, April 30, 2013

gr computer :(

hello fam!
so this computer can attach pictures. its just that i cant write and upload at the same time so not going to send any today sorry. i sent some pics in the mail though, along with a letter to the families of Welch, Wagstaff, and Young because i dont have their addresses. hopefully all that makes it home. also im happy that all is well for mal! Is michaela going to peru? because i want to send her a card too through this kid in my ward who will be entering the ccm soon with them.
thanks so much for the birthday money! also im pretty sure i just recieved a bday package from the woods in orem and marivel- thank you thank you! also congrats on graduating this week SUU friends, and also felizidades to Michelle and Brian on getting married this week! wow. :)
also no i dont need more drops. i got an empty envelope from afton last week :( i dunno where the letter is. also Maria Torrez, if you remember her from when i was in Centenario wth hmna Morris, got baptized!!! yay! also my bishop here says hello. he says i look like one of the wives of a past mission president here in santa cruz. Prezident Cranny or someting like that.
ok so summery of this week: Hna Michel y Hermana Black worked so hard monday through wednesday that they had super high logros and blew everyones minds. then they were both sick on thrusday but didnt want to admit it. sothey kept working. and working. both telling the other to call hermana calderon and say that they are sick. well finally hermana black woke up sunday morning and could barely get out of bed. so she called hermana calderon. haha. im super fine now. we just slept all sunday. my companion is doing really bad though, we went to the clinic this morning. we get the results after we are done here at the internet.
ok but also high lights this week: baptism of Carlos!!!! it was so great. his friend baptized him. they have only been friends for two months, becuase thats how long carlos has been going to church. but they are inseperable now. its like marivel and i- its like we were planned to know each other since the preexistence, to help build each other up spiritually here on earth. now they are both preparing to go on missions! anyways it was a great day. Hna Michel and iwere both crying (whether that was the spirit or because we were sick i dunno haha)
ok so yeah seriously good week. we are teaching right now a family from Russia and another from Brazil. Um yes, 100% Russian! too cool. Anyways its so exciting to be teaching FAMILIES. The russian family isnt quite as into it yet. But the family from Brazil (ok so only the dad is from Brazil) is progressing. The night after we met the mom of the brazil family, she had a dream where her dad (who has been dead for 4 years) said that he is in hell waiting to be helped. we were definitely inspired to teach plan de salvacion first (usually its restauracion first) and she just bawled when we told her that her dad can still make it to the celestial kingdom with her family. the only thing is that they didnt make it to church yesturday... so thats were it gets hard. theyve got to keep commitments. but we are praying and working hard for them!
so sunday we only went for sacrament meeting for the confirmation of Carlos. The only other investigators that came were Gabriela Fermandez- that little nine year old with her 13 year old brother who is a member. He brought his sister, along with two little friends they have that are age 9 and 10. it was so cute- we led them like little ducklings to primary. Unfortunately we left after that. Its going to be super hard to activate this family i think... but maybe with the valience of thier kids they wll be lead back into the fold. its just so hard to baptize kids without parents that will be active.
anyways this was my week this week. I really liked reading in Alma 34:38 where it takes about that we should live every day in "Action of Gratitud" (ok thats translating into inglish i dunno if thats exactly what it says). but i really just like that it talks about that our gratitud for the lord should lead us  to action. if we are thankful, what are we doing about it? anways love that.
well sorry i dont have pictures to send yet again. i cant wait till i can show you some of the movies that i have though- ive got a good one of my companion killing a mouse in our house with a broom. she´s hard core.
i love you all so much and really hope that all is well. I love this church. I love utah. I love santa cruz. I love my family. I love my life. (i feel like that little boy Dash on the movie incredibles that is just so happy with this family that he just says "i love our family" and lays back on the car seat) haha.
ok well thats all for this week. Have a great week!

love, Hermana Black

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