Thursday, October 4, 2012

1 month down in Bolivia!

Familia y amigos!

ok im still trying to figure out the whole email photos and printing thing, but hopefully you get an email and photos haha. This is what happens when i dont have marivel with me. ;)

Here are some photos! I sent some in the mail that you should be getting this week sometime. The photo with lots of girls is all my MTC buddies the second 3 weeks. We were crazy and had lots of fun haha. The other pictures are all at the zoo in Bolivia! It was super fun. If you look at the picture of me and Hma Tracy (the white girl) we are standing under a sloth. sloths and monkeys just kind of go wherever they want in the zoo! The leaf Hma Tracy is holding was dropped on our heads by the sloth when we went to take the picture. it was super funny because all these people were gathered to take pictures of the sloth, and then the sloth dropped it on us. we screamed and everyone laughed. good times!!

Ok so monday. the zoo! such a blast i loved it. Thank you Anita for the advice about sharing the gospel with every living thing. Im still working on turning screams into discussions, but we are getting there.

Tuesday was super windy. I wish I would have thought about wind with my skirts. One time Hma Choque´s skirt flew up and she said, "Mi integridad!" (my integrity.) haha oh man i laughed for a long time after that one. Also I received some tender mercies this day: I was really hungry but we still had two more hours till we were to go home. So i was just going to wait it out. but then, one of the members in our ward gave us bananas! God is sweet isnt he? oh also, it rained a little in the night and i had laundry out on the line, and Hma Roxana came and moved it! There are such sweet people here. Hma Roxana is the sweetest :)

Wednesday we found more churches: i have seen more than 20 churches in our ward area! Its insane! Some people here want to join every church just to be safe haha. so they get baptized all the time. Most people just tell us, "theres only one God and he´s the same for everyone so it doesnt matter which church". This is our biggest concern we work with right now.

Every Thursday is zone meeting. This time President came to ours, because our zone was "in trouble" for only having 7 baptisms. I guess as a zone we are supposed to have over 20 a month. President is super funny. he shook his hands at us and said something along the lines of, "you need to have blood pooring off of your hands from knocking on so many doors!" He´s great.

Friday Celina went to an appointment with us. She is over 70 and has only been a member for 10 months or so. She really wants her family to be members obviously, but no one is interested. She is so valiant and strong!! I love her lots. Members at lessons are seriously so great! Conversion stories have so much power :)

SAturday we had this awesome lesson with this investigator named Fernanado. Hes 20. I didnt think he´d really be an investigator (the only reason we started teaching him is because we were visiting with this member family and they wanted me to sing again and i said i would if theyd get us an investigator and one of the boys walked across the street and grabbed their neighbor fernando. haha) but he is asking lots of questions and is super interested.

Anyways it was a good week. Oh by the way its not flying crocodiles  their more like lizard type things. also everyone thinks its amazing that i haven't gotten sick. ha. the repellent is white with a green lid and its deet free "buzz away extreme". My quote this week was "forget yourself and go to work!" Also i think I forgot to write that i saw RAchel Asay when Elder Christopherson visited peru. also, I usually sleep with no blankets and a fan, and my companion sleeps with a comforter and a blanket. ha.


Hermana Black

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