Thursday, October 11, 2012

October in Bolivia

Hello Hello!!!

Muchas Gracias por all the letters i recieved this week! I recieved dearelders from Grandma, chi-chi, Annalea, Patrice, Bessie, Dad, Madeline, and Mom. Wow! it was crazy and exciting and i feel so much support, so thank you so much! Also sorry my pictures didn't go through. I'm trying again today ha. Anyways thank you thank you thank you!!! your advice is always exactly what i need and i'm always so inspired. thank you thank you thank you!

Ok so how much did you just love conference??? It was a little different for me because i was only able to watch the last session in english. So when the Prophet made his grand announcement i only caught the part about the Sister Missionaries. Wow! was my first reaction. My second reaction was man we totally need this and are so ready for this! and then Hermana Tracy leaned over and said, "did you understand that?!" And then she explained that young men can leave when they are 18. And i was like well that's all ready what it is in South America. but then i was like AH! My brother is 18 next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! um so whats the verdict? is he leaving right after high school? also how loud did mom scream? also does mal have any desire to go too? Wow.

Also, someone should tell me if Bryan Meyer made it home in one piece, and if chelsea, whitney wilcox, and Kynsie rife all made it off ok. Id like to know ha. :)

Also, did you ever get pictures on facebook via my teacher at the CCM?

Also i am the most tan i've ever been in my life as we are coming into spring here. oh also I forgot to write last week, that to go to the zoo here its 10 bolivianos. that's like $1.50!!! our whole family of 8 could go for under $10!!!!! Also, people here play basketball at least as much as futbol. all the soccer fields or basketball courts are the same- a basketball hoop hooked to a goaly box. even at the church. ha its cool.

ok into the week. We are having a really difficult time holding on to our investigators at the moment. for example, when we went to visit rosi on monday she was wearing a rosery for protection against us. haha. My companion was like "that's nice. now lets start with a hymn." haha it was hilarious to me. We had a nice normal lesson. but when the rosery didn't scare us off, her husband made her stop meeting with us. sigh.

tuesday we found lots of new people, but they've all decided that they don't want to hear the message. but we are probably going to go back to all of them anyways this week. We are trying to be more persistent this week with our investigators!!

wednesday Hermana Roxana asked me if i was being transferred in the next couple of weeks. obviously i dont know, but for the first time i felt sad that i might be leaving. Its been slow, but I'm growing love for this place. :)

Thursday I really had to focus on patience. I just feel like i should know spanish by now! i know i know you're thinking, its only been a month! but I really want to help people so much but its hard to feel like im doing any good when i don't know whats going on, let alone what to say. we are getting there though! Also, I never thought id say this, but i'm grateful for spiders. they eat mosquitos! usually i don't kill them because of this reason. but our house is just covered in them. I kill spiders with my hands now. ha.

Friday We were mistaken as jehovahs witnesses about a million times. they work super hard here. also there's this other church that promises all these miracles if you sell everything you have and give them the money. we lost a family of investigators to this scam unfortunately. people want easy solutions to their problems. the good thing is is that this "miracle" doesn't take place till december. so we are hoping we can help them see the light before then.

saturday conference!! fastest 8 hours of my life!! Maybe its becuase i didn't have to be walking around in the heat. haha jk. Seriously i loved it. I only understood maybe half, but i really felt like they were talking to me personally more than i ever have. Every person who spoke was telling me they know what its like, and they love me. And how cool that the closing prayer of the first session was given by Elder Uceda, who was jut in bolivia? and Elder Clark on sunday was a mission prez in bolivia! it was like God wanted me to know that with out a doubt, He knows exactly where i am in the world. :) Also I'm super excited about the temple in Arakipa Peru. I have friends from there and serving there currently!! Also Peru is seriously booooming with the work of the lord right now! I'm hoping Bolivia will start getting there soon too.

Sunday more conference! And Fernando came to a session! This was of course very exciting. We have his baptism scheduled for oct 27! but its going to have to change. I'm praying hard that he will continue to progress! I cannot even tell you how important every member of the church is in this work!

My "family" here and Fernando (second to the end)
well anyways thanks so much for all your love and support in my life. Hugs and kisses to you all! Trevor, work hard to prepare! read Preach my Gospel all the way through at least once!! Study study study! This work is so true. I know that the Prophets call to the 18 year olds is inspired. I've spent a lot of time with these 19 year olds, and i know that they are so ready and mature- more than i thought possible before my mission. this gospel is incredible!! 

Much much love, 
Hermana Black 

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