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Hola everyone!!

so this week was awesome because I got to participate in some fruits of my labors! Fernando is officially baptized! more about this in the letter... But i hope that everyone had a great week this week! Its weird to think its Halloween this week because i haven't seen one pumpkin. haha. people here just give each other bread and candy the day of halloween and put bread and candy around gravestones of dead children. or at least this is what i understand. I'm sure ill have more details this week. Also i've never written about the fact that people here love frysauce! but its called salsa golf here haha i think that's hilarious. Also the clouds move super fast here always. like you can try to run to keep up with their shadows but you wont be able to for long. its nuts! and awesome. thanks mom for the recipe! my companion would like the words in english to you raise me up if you have time this week. thank you so much though! 
Fernando baptized October 28, 2012
ok monday- was a normal pday. i dunno if its just my mission but i don't really like pdays. you just work a lot for yourself which isn't very fun or distracting from thinking about home. haha.

tuesday- i finally ate something i don't really like- cow leg gelatin. or something like that. it tastes fine all ground up in the jello that's sold on the streets. but just straight up cooked and on your plate- the texture is just a little too much for me.

wednesday- the most important thing in this work is prayer. if a person doesn't pray to know that this stuff is true, there's nothing we can do to "convince" them of the truth. A witness of the truth from God is the most powerful thing there is. we cant give that- you have to ask God for that.

thursday- so its pretty much a religious blood battle out here sometimes. In my ward area is the Headquarters for the Jehovahs Witnesses for the whole country of Bolivia! They've knocked on our door twice now. But they’re not the only religion working hard in this area. There's another church that everyday at church asks who is new? if you raise your hand they take you into this room and make you sign this paper saying that you are a member of their church, and that you wont visit any other churches. Then there's another church that knocks on your door and does what i like to call the Nacho Libro move- they ask you if you've been baptized, and if you say no, or hesitate, they put this white hat on your head and dump water on you. dead serious. Its pretty much crazy. I'm learning a lot about different religions which is really fun- it makes me want to study them when i get back.

friday- we lost a lot of investigators this day, so we are hoping to find some new ones soon! One thing that really helps people is if they can realize that god wants to hear whats in their hearts- details and specifics. If we understand our relationship with God then prayer is natural (see bible dictionary on prayer). I love this. and i love that its true and works.

saturday- i ate my first mango! oh man sooo good! and yeah i did eat tons of papaya that one day. ive toned it down with the fruit and i think i can basically eat anything. it helps if you eat rice after apparently too. Also Bruno, a returned missionary who served in Peru who always helps us, says that in his mission, he received a box of 20-30 books of mormon every week. In my mission, we receive 2-3 books every 3 weeks!!!! and that's if we are lucky!!! no wonder peru is booming and the gospel is spreading like wild fire there. if you pray sincerely to God to know if the book of mormon is true, he always answers you. this is another challenge here. where other churches have buckets of water, we have our books. but we just don't have many of them. we are hoping that the church will start progressing a lot more in Bolivia soon.

sunday morning at 8 am Fernando was baptized! it was a beautiful day and a beautiful time. I cant believe everything worked out. Its thanks to some amazing people in the ward and the help of the Lord that everything worked out. After he received the holy ghost in church he couldnt stop smiling it was awesome! What a great day and how much rejoicing there is! Thank you for your prayers on his behalf! I know that prayer played a major role in his conversion. actually, it was everything.

Well anyways it was a great week (minus the fact that its getting hotter which means more cockroaches and they are bigger and fly. we are trying poisons and things but so far no luck!) We are hoping to have many more investigators soon! But so much depends on the people in the ward. If people don't have friends at church they just don't go. and especially because we don't have books of mormon, if they don't go to church they can't progress. Our goal this week is to really inspire the ward to want to be missionaries.

Anyways thank you for all your love and support! I love you all with all of my heart.

much love always,

Hermana Black
 oh ps i have only received packages from Marivel- one here and one in Peru.
Picture of an ant hill. "There's tons of them everywhere."

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