Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vivo la vida Bolivia!

Hermana Black with Herman Roxanna and her family
Hello hello!!!

It was so great to read about everyone today! I love my family so much!! Thanks also to Patrice for the pictures!!! I love it!

So a few things real quick before we get into this email. Dad- i took about 30$ out last week, and im going to probably have to take out some more today or next monday. Also hopefully afton got my birthday card! Also mom if you could send an apple pie recipe (in spanish) for a lady in my ward that would be delightful! just translate one the best you can. google cant translate recipes well. also its humid here so that changes things, but just do your best if you wouldnt mind!

ok! so to answer some questions- i do my hair in that twist pretty much everyday. i made up part of it at the MTC in provo, and when i got my hair cut there the lady made it cooler. its the easiest thing ever. also i dunno who taught this parrot or if its wild or not. theres more though that ive talked to haha its awesome. Also no i  do not live in an apartment ha. I live in more of a storage unit behind a house. i´ll send pics someday. And as for india for malorie- ive got some pretty strong impressions here that i will be going to the middle east during my life. we could go together! also way cool about aftons story thing!

ok not much time today. just some quick stuff- no cambio! i am still in Hamacas with Hermana Choque. one of the pictures is of my last day of my first transfer, the other is at the zoo with the sloth. This week was pretty good- getting ready for Fernandos baptism next sunday! He is very strong to be going through with this. Hma Choque and i are pretty awful teachers. good thing the church is true or i dunno how this would work. haha. i draw strength from the fact that if god wanted to send his most talented and smart servants he could, because there are many in the church. but he chooses to send a bunch of crazy kids. But its a good thing that there are members here haha. Its thanks to members that Fernando is where he is at today. pretty much every day i make a new vow for how i am going to help the missionaries when i return home. Seriously. Its so important.

Well i ate my first papaya here! The fruit is awesome and delicious here but comes with a high price for gringos. Remmy is enjoying the high life in our kitchen. Each night we affectionately help him leave with a broom. Now that he has a name though i dont mind him as much. thank you pixar. If only there was a cute animated movie about cockroaches... Malorie???

Anyways im glad God is a God of second chances. Im grateful for all the people that help in this work. I have so much more to write but the internet was silly today sorry! anyways i love you all so very much!

love, Hermana Black
Elisa with Hermana Tracy who is holding a leaf that the sloth had just dropped on their heads

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