Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bolivia, Bolivia

Hermana Black with her companion (trainer) at a zoo in Bolivia

Hello hello family!!

Wow I can't believe how missionary crazy our family is right now. 3 out at once??? ah! so weird! Shorter time at the mtc? I dunno if that was inspired or just because people were literally sleeping on the floor already when i was there- they just don't have room! ha no of course that's great. wow God trusts his young people doesn't he? ha wow. I actually had a dream my first week in bolivia that malorie was serving in Mexico while i was here in Bolivia. haha funny right? or now is it not? he. he. Anyways!

This was my best week yet so far. P-day was fun- we played a lot of soccer with our zone. Except, i dunno what happened but i got really good at soccer.... i made 4 goals for my team and no one else made more than one. i think its all the tap dancing i did or something... anyways it was kind of embarrassing how good i played, and now my nickname in my zone is Hermana Messi (apparently some good soccer player in Argentina or something like that). ha anyways that was weird. Oh also Ninoska, a girl who is 20 in our ward goes with us on visits a lot and she nicknamed me Torpe this week. (shes almost done with her papers now- started the minute conference ended!) Torpe for you non spanish speakers means slow, clumsy, or awkward. haha its because i dont understand a lot. but its fun. she reminds me a lot of Malorie.

Tuesday was a good day. We did a lot of trying to follow the spirit going door to door, and we found this 25ish year old woman who went to church in La Paz with her friends, but now she is here. she has been trying to find the church here and here we were on her door step! so thats exciting.

WEdnesday we had a pretty much all day conference. Oh my scripture for the week is Alma 31:38 "yea He gave them strength that they should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ." at first when i read this i was like, what God made it so these missionaries didnt suffer anything? luckies. but then i realized NO! thats not what it says! it says they didnt suffer anything that the Joy of Christ didnt triumph! so this day when our hot water stoped working and it was really cold outside, i just thought about how my faith in christ and the happiness i have and will have because of Christ is more powerful than the icey shower! (and the hot water still isnt working today. ha. i just pretend im at Bear Lake mostly and that helps too).

Thursday we were at this house knocking on the door and the voice of a little girl said "sorry senoras, no one is here" (but obviously in spanish). we were like ok weird. So we started talking about where we wanted to go next, and the little voice kept saying "hola senoras!" and "sorry no ones here!" well then all of a sudden this girl came out of the house, and we realized that we had been listening to a parrot! the parrot sounded like a little girl because it listens to the girl who lives at the house. Theres tons of wild parrots in part of our area and they are so smart and cool to see! haha it was awesome.

Saturday was awesome. The more i feel love towards people here, the more i listen for inspiration, the more I search the scriptures, (the more spanish I learn), the better this work gets and its awesome! I love to feel like im helping people.

Sunday is usually my hardest day- i dunno what it is about going to church here but it makes me homesick. But today Fernando was there and i was so preoccupied with helping him that church was awesome haha.

Well good times. Im excited to hear about where Trevor and Malorie are going! This is just too crazy and awesome at the same time. Oh and to answer some of those questions mom- dont bring heavy shoes but bring shoes that can walk on rocks. emotionally- PREPARE before hand. Like, know why your serving, and remember that you will face hard trials that you cant even think of right now. But read all you can about other missionaries and where you´re serving. ill have to write more next week when i have time to think about it.

i love you all so very much!!!

love, Hermana Black
Hermana Black "holding on" in Bolivia

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